Karen Tran’s Floral Experience

Room one of two [see all credits at the end].

If you follow Whitehouse on any of our social streams, you will have seen that we have the unbelievable honour of providing all the crockery for Karen Tran’s ‘Floral Experience’, organised by Planned for Perfection, at the Savoy. [Also, if you don’t follow us on social media, what on Earth are you doing, go follow us now, links are at the bottom, I’ll wait…] Not only that, but we were also asked to join them for the gala dinner, which [of course] we graciously accepted. Leading up to the night, Karen holds a masterclass which is offered to those in the industry that are looking to learn a little more about the art of floristry, with an insight into the talented mind of Karen Tran. If you are interested in finding out a bit more about the pre-Gala preparations, as well as moment that you may not have seen in our posts, then I would suggest you keep reading…

A minuscule selection of the flowers used to create the various floral displays.

A rose, hand-’pulled’ by yours truly.

The sight that met us when we entered the room.

For three exciting [yet gruelling] days, Karen’s ‘students’ get stuck in creating the floral masterpiece that allows the rest of the guests to feel as though they have just stepped into a scene from the most magical fairytale. I had the privilege of witnessing the final few hours of the process, even lending a hand in making Karen’s dream a reality [I’d like to think I played a key role in bringing it all together]. My main job was to ‘pull’ at the flowers to give them an ‘engorged’ look, whilst making sure they still held their shape. Though I had always been in awe of Karen’s work, this gave me a whole new appreciation of the time and effort that goes into just one of her projects. As I left the Savoy to get ready, the final pieces were coming together: sheeting was being pulled up, the last flowers were being expertly placed and the lighting was starting to warm up. Though I was already impressed as I stepped out the prestigious hotel, when I returned I was met with a sight that completely blew me away. The ambience of the room had completely changed, with everything somehow feeling extravagant yet effortless.

WHITEHOUSE_KAREN_TRAN_BLOG_05Both oddly scary and enigmatic, these performers created a modern renaissance look, just by removing colour from the equation.

Both Karen, Jane [Planned for Perfection] and the Savoy pulled out all the stops to give us the most ethereal, other-worldly experience possible. Immediately, we were met with ballet dancers that slid elegantly between guests and tables alike, creating the feeling of being a part of some kind of interactive performance. Throughout the night, more and more entertainment was introduced, from a live band that sang classic and modern hits with a level of enthusiasm I have never seen before, to a circus performer that gracefully moved her body with the space of a small hoop. With short breaks to allow us to chew and swallow food, most the night was filled with laughter, discussion and [lots of] terrible singing [from the crowd, not the band…].

One of the talented musicians that kept spirits high all night.

Whitehouse crockery at its very best.

Of course, I can’t talk about a gala dinner without talking about the food. Course after course was laid in front of us, each being more impressive than the last. From oysters, to delicious risotto, by the time it got to pudding, I was so full I couldn’t even handle one bite. Every dish was experly created to be an experience of its own, with every mouthful being so exquisite you wanted to savour every second you were chewing it. Though I am a vegetarian, I didn’t feel as though I was missing out on anything, since they went to great efforts to make sure the meat-free option was just as flavourful. Topped off with champagne, and all served on Whitehouse crockery, there is nothing I would go back and change, although I do wish I could reverse to clock to eat it all over again…

You know it’s a good night when the cake is twice as tall as you.

I didn’t have the oyster myself, but it certainly made for an impressive dish.

Various heartfelt speeches were made throughout the night, mostly thanking everyone’s immense effort in bringing the night together. It was lovely to hear about how much people in the wedding and events industry rely on one another for support, as well as how much inspiration we draw from each other. Lots of people can scroll past photos like these, notice them for 3 seconds, then move onto the next set of photos without another thought. I used to be like that, however now I’m going to truly take the time to appreciate the incredible achievements of these florals artists, event planners, stylists, and everyone else who makes events like these happen.

Karen’s speech, capturing everyone’s attention

The incredible flower tunnel that dominated half the room.

The people I met were dedicated to their work and were willing to go above and beyond for a client if they needed them to. They pour their hearts into every single job they do, which, though exhausting, is ultimately rewarding if everything turns out how they envisioned it. I would highly recommend, if you have had someone work on your wedding or event who took the time to make sure everything went perfectly for you, that you should take the time to thank them sincerely. There aren’t a lot of people who will sacrifice their personal life for a client, but the people at that gala had done it again and again. It was an incredible experience to see how the displays were created, how the night pans out and, ultimately, how it is all taken down in the space of one evening. Most people wouldn’t think that working crockery is the most glamorous of professions, but after that night, I would beg to differ.

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Masterclass: @thefloralexperience

Floral designer: @karentranevents

Wedding & Event Planner: @plannedforperfection

Venue:@thesavoylondon with @savoyweddings @misssashacullen& @pennyweddings

Support florist: @wildaboutflower

Roses: @rosaprimaroses

Flowers: @gfreshpiet

Cake designer @elizabethscakeemporium

Band: @thefunctionband


Production: @luminaire_events

Photography: @stuartwoodphoto

Videography: @perfectmomentfilms

Karen’s Gown: @brownsbride

Karen’s jewellery: @boodlesjewellery


Hair & Make up: @gemsutton

Artist: @liveeventartist

Chairs: @eventdecorhire

Entertainment: @dream_performance& @sophieadamsballetco

Linen: @just_4_linen

7 Simple Steps to Crockery Heaven

Have you ever really thought about how your want the tables at your wedding or event to look, but have no idea how it can become a reality? Well, we are here to help you lovely lot out. We know that Whitehouse can seem daunting from the outside, since we have so many different styles of crockery in a huge range of colours. In reality, however, just a few little tidbits from inside the Whitehouse industry can help make everything smooth and keep your whole experience with us as easy and carefree as possible. We’ve cobbled together a series of steps you can follow in order to have the smoothest experience possible, reducing the possibility of stress or misunderstanding at every turn. Of course, if you already know some of these steps, feel free to skip forward, but we’re sure that at least of of these pointers will play a part in pointing you in the right direction. We’re sure if you’ve got a dream, we can make it come true, we just need to have the right conversations to make it a reality…

1. Look on our social media for inspiration!


If you have an idea about what you want, but have no clue how it would look as a completed look, head straight to our Instagram and Facebook pages. We post daily images of tablescapes, new products and flatlays of existing crockery. If you were thinking ‘colourful wedding’ or ‘gold plates’, but weren’t sure about specifics, this is where you would be able to whittle down your ideas. Underneath all of our posts are a ‘shop the look’ section, which means that if you find something you like, you can take a note of it and put it onto your quote.

2. Head over to our website…


Of course, the next step would be to head to our website! Since we can’t give you a quote without knowing exactly which pieces you want, this is a very important step. If you know what you want at this point, you can go straight to the ‘Products’ page and use the search bar to find the pieces that have piqued your interest. If you’re still unsure, then you can browse through the ‘Be Inspired’ and ‘Lookbook’ sections of the website. Once you’ve picked, you’re finally ready for the next stage: contacting us.

3. Time for a quote.


Underneath every product there is a button that says ‘Add to Quote’’. If you do this for all the pieces you want, you can then click the ‘Submit Quote Request’ button at the top of the page and start your quoting journey. It is at this point that you will need to know exactly where your wedding/event is, when it is and how many of each product you will need. If you don’t know this information yet, it will make it much trickier for us to give you an accurate quote. The location is essential, for instance, because we need to adapt our delivery charges based on where you are in the country (or the world!)

4. Check your junk mail!!


Sometimes when we reply to a quote, it can be sent straight to your junk email. If you send off a quote a few weeks ago and are thinking about calling up Whitehouse to complain, think about checking your junk first. It may not be your first thought, but it is one of the biggest causes of miscommunication between us and clients. If you’re someone that’s been wondering where the emails have gone, this would be a fantastic place to start. Once everything is sorted out, you will be well on your way to having the crockery your need at your wedding/event.

5. Making changes.


Picture the scene: you had decided on the pink Pippa tumbler, but one night you wake up, covered in sweat, realising that the lilac would match the colour scheme perfectly! You’re paralysed with regret, terrified that the decision you made months ago is set in stone… Don’t worry folks: you can rest easy knowing you can make alterations to your order up to 72 hours before the event, providing we have what you need in stock. As long as you aren’t looking to shake up every single product, the likelihood is we’ll be able to accommodate your changes.

6. Know your timings.


At this point, everything is set up. You know what you want, you’ve paid the deposit, the date is drawing closer and our team start loading up the vans with your chosen products. Excitement is building, but this isn’t the time to lose your head! We can give you a rough estimate about of a drop-off and pick-up time, so that you can organise for yourself or someone else to be there, but since we’ll be driving, we cannot tell you the exact minute we will arrive. But do not fret, we are also always just a phone-call away, so if you are worried that we’re taking a while, or you realise that there is a different entrance we need to deliver to, you can always give us a ring.

7. And finally – let us know how it went!


Hopefully your experience with Whitehouse went as smoothly as possible, so we’d love to hear about it! We’re on a 5 out of 5 rating on Facebook (which we are very proud of) and we always love adding new testimonies to the page. On top of that, if you have any photos from the event that features our product, then be sure to tag us on social media so we can see how it all went. We love knowing that everything came together, as well as seeing how people styled our crockery. Every event is unique, which is what we love about working in this industry.

So those were our 7 easy steps. Has this been helpful? We certainly hope is has opened your eyes to how simple it can be to book with us. If you’re ready to go straight to the website just click here, however if you’re still looking to be inspired, click here to have a look at our Instagram page.

Crockery of the Month – April 19

Hello, and welcome back to the second edition of Crockery of the Month, Our first month saw the rise of the Eliza charger plate which captured the hearts of the public, with many of you being in utter disbelief that it wasn’t one of our most popular plates. To return with a bang, we’ve chosen a beautiful plate which, though a lot simpler than Eliza, is equally as exquisite. Remember, if you confirm an order for any of the plates in this set, you get 15% off! I know, I know, you just want to find out what it is. Okay, I will put you out of your misery…

This month’s choice is…Isabella!


Please, stay calm. You’ll have plenty of the time at the end of the presentation to gasp, stare in awe and applaud to your heart’s content. Isabella may seem like a surprising choice for some, however we think that its thicker rim is the detail that has stopped it from being a go-to for those looking to rent from Whitehouse. With other crockery, its gold, silver and bronze colouring has made it brides’ favourites, considering those are the colours that add that little bit of extra shine to a white wedding. Isabella takes a slightly different approach to the popular chargers, such as Daisy, because it has a unique raised design and matt colours. Rather than fading into a theme, it demands attention – and with good reason! Expertly crafted and fantastically styled, Isabella has shone in the past, proving itself time and again that it deserves to be highlighted. If you still aren’t convinced, then keep reading to see what kind of trouble our Isabella chargers have been getting into and which colour pallets can work alongside them.



This dark, enigmatic shoot truly piqued our interest when we first received the photos back in 2018. Partnered with Amie Bone Flowers and Bubble food, the final outcome was something we’d never seen before, or ever come across since. Unique pear-shaped glass structures sit atop perfectly crafted food items, looking more like art than a meal. Reflecting the red theme that surrounds it, Isabella resides comfortably in this unusual scene, showing off its raised design alongside the other intricate textures and materials.


Tilly from Whitehouse said this about Isabella:
“I think this plate is severely under appreciated. The thick, raised rim reminds me of ancient crockery, something that might have been used at a royal gathering, whilst the various colours and clear centre keep it modern.”



The colours in the Squaremeal images may simply seem like different shades of red, however there are a multitude of tones that all work together with Isabella to create an eye-catching visual treat.

Berkeley Castle

In a slightly more intimate setting, this event took our breath away with its tiny, exquisite details, keeping it minimal yet not monotonous. With our Elizabeth glassware range glinting in the candlelight, Isabella matches the tones and enhances the sense of regality. This low shot makes us feel like a part of the tablescape, making it feel even more intimate and truly allowing us to understand the beauty of the scene.


Toned down, but with sparks of colour, this look highlights the gold on our Isabella plates in a more vivid fashion. The fantastic part is that the brightest tones actually come from natural sources: the foliage and candle.



If you think that Isabella might be perfect for your wedding or event, then just email us a quote with ISABELLA15 to get 15% off any Isabella charger plate.

But remember, there’s no time to hesitate, since the discount only applies if you confirm and pay the deposit in the month of April!


Flowers and concept: Amie Bone Flowers ✜ Lighting and production: Just Smile ✜ Catering: Bubble Food ✜ Table linen: OTT Rentals ✜ Chairs: Rosetone ✜ Photography: Sanshine

Berkeley Castle
Catering: Napier Catering ✜ Styling: Lauren Grey ✜ Venue: Berkeley Castle