7 Simple Steps to Crockery Heaven

Have you ever really thought about how your want the tables at your wedding or event to look, but have no idea how it can become a reality? Well, we are here to help you lovely lot out. We know that Whitehouse can seem daunting from the outside, since we have so many different styles of crockery in a huge range of colours. In reality, however, just a few little tidbits from inside the Whitehouse industry can help make everything smooth and keep your whole experience with us as easy and carefree as possible. We’ve cobbled together a series of steps you can follow in order to have the smoothest experience possible, reducing the possibility of stress or misunderstanding at every turn. Of course, if you already know some of these steps, feel free to skip forward, but we’re sure that at least of of these pointers will play a part in pointing you in the right direction. We’re sure if you’ve got a dream, we can make it come true, we just need to have the right conversations to make it a reality…

1. Look on our social media for inspiration!


If you have an idea about what you want, but have no clue how it would look as a completed look, head straight to our Instagram and Facebook pages. We post daily images of tablescapes, new products and flatlays of existing crockery. If you were thinking ‘colourful wedding’ or ‘gold plates’, but weren’t sure about specifics, this is where you would be able to whittle down your ideas. Underneath all of our posts are a ‘shop the look’ section, which means that if you find something you like, you can take a note of it and put it onto your quote.

2. Head over to our website…


Of course, the next step would be to head to our website! Since we can’t give you a quote without knowing exactly which pieces you want, this is a very important step. If you know what you want at this point, you can go straight to the ‘Products’ page and use the search bar to find the pieces that have piqued your interest. If you’re still unsure, then you can browse through the ‘Be Inspired’ and ‘Lookbook’ sections of the website. Once you’ve picked, you’re finally ready for the next stage: contacting us.

3. Time for a quote.


Underneath every product there is a button that says ‘Add to Quote’’. If you do this for all the pieces you want, you can then click the ‘Submit Quote Request’ button at the top of the page and start your quoting journey. It is at this point that you will need to know exactly where your wedding/event is, when it is and how many of each product you will need. If you don’t know this information yet, it will make it much trickier for us to give you an accurate quote. The location is essential, for instance, because we need to adapt our delivery charges based on where you are in the country (or the world!)

4. Check your junk mail!!


Sometimes when we reply to a quote, it can be sent straight to your junk email. If you send off a quote a few weeks ago and are thinking about calling up Whitehouse to complain, think about checking your junk first. It may not be your first thought, but it is one of the biggest causes of miscommunication between us and clients. If you’re someone that’s been wondering where the emails have gone, this would be a fantastic place to start. Once everything is sorted out, you will be well on your way to having the crockery your need at your wedding/event.

5. Making changes.


Picture the scene: you had decided on the pink Pippa tumbler, but one night you wake up, covered in sweat, realising that the lilac would match the colour scheme perfectly! You’re paralysed with regret, terrified that the decision you made months ago is set in stone… Don’t worry folks: you can rest easy knowing you can make alterations to your order up to 72 hours before the event, providing we have what you need in stock. As long as you aren’t looking to shake up every single product, the likelihood is we’ll be able to accommodate your changes.

6. Know your timings.


At this point, everything is set up. You know what you want, you’ve paid the deposit, the date is drawing closer and our team start loading up the vans with your chosen products. Excitement is building, but this isn’t the time to lose your head! We can give you a rough estimate about of a drop-off and pick-up time, so that you can organise for yourself or someone else to be there, but since we’ll be driving, we cannot tell you the exact minute we will arrive. But do not fret, we are also always just a phone-call away, so if you are worried that we’re taking a while, or you realise that there is a different entrance we need to deliver to, you can always give us a ring.

7. And finally – let us know how it went!


Hopefully your experience with Whitehouse went as smoothly as possible, so we’d love to hear about it! We’re on a 5 out of 5 rating on Facebook (which we are very proud of) and we always love adding new testimonies to the page. On top of that, if you have any photos from the event that features our product, then be sure to tag us on social media so we can see how it all went. We love knowing that everything came together, as well as seeing how people styled our crockery. Every event is unique, which is what we love about working in this industry.

So those were our 7 easy steps. Has this been helpful? We certainly hope is has opened your eyes to how simple it can be to book with us. If you’re ready to go straight to the website just click here, however if you’re still looking to be inspired, click here to have a look at our Instagram page.

Crockery of the Month – April 19

Hello, and welcome back to the second edition of Crockery of the Month, Our first month saw the rise of the Eliza charger plate which captured the hearts of the public, with many of you being in utter disbelief that it wasn’t one of our most popular plates. To return with a bang, we’ve chosen a beautiful plate which, though a lot simpler than Eliza, is equally as exquisite. Remember, if you confirm an order for any of the plates in this set, you get 15% off! I know, I know, you just want to find out what it is. Okay, I will put you out of your misery…

This month’s choice is…Isabella!


Please, stay calm. You’ll have plenty of the time at the end of the presentation to gasp, stare in awe and applaud to your heart’s content. Isabella may seem like a surprising choice for some, however we think that its thicker rim is the detail that has stopped it from being a go-to for those looking to rent from Whitehouse. With other crockery, its gold, silver and bronze colouring has made it brides’ favourites, considering those are the colours that add that little bit of extra shine to a white wedding. Isabella takes a slightly different approach to the popular chargers, such as Daisy, because it has a unique raised design and matt colours. Rather than fading into a theme, it demands attention – and with good reason! Expertly crafted and fantastically styled, Isabella has shone in the past, proving itself time and again that it deserves to be highlighted. If you still aren’t convinced, then keep reading to see what kind of trouble our Isabella chargers have been getting into and which colour pallets can work alongside them.



This dark, enigmatic shoot truly piqued our interest when we first received the photos back in 2018. Partnered with Amie Bone Flowers and Bubble food, the final outcome was something we’d never seen before, or ever come across since. Unique pear-shaped glass structures sit atop perfectly crafted food items, looking more like art than a meal. Reflecting the red theme that surrounds it, Isabella resides comfortably in this unusual scene, showing off its raised design alongside the other intricate textures and materials.


Tilly from Whitehouse said this about Isabella:
“I think this plate is severely under appreciated. The thick, raised rim reminds me of ancient crockery, something that might have been used at a royal gathering, whilst the various colours and clear centre keep it modern.”



The colours in the Squaremeal images may simply seem like different shades of red, however there are a multitude of tones that all work together with Isabella to create an eye-catching visual treat.

Berkeley Castle

In a slightly more intimate setting, this event took our breath away with its tiny, exquisite details, keeping it minimal yet not monotonous. With our Elizabeth glassware range glinting in the candlelight, Isabella matches the tones and enhances the sense of regality. This low shot makes us feel like a part of the tablescape, making it feel even more intimate and truly allowing us to understand the beauty of the scene.


Toned down, but with sparks of colour, this look highlights the gold on our Isabella plates in a more vivid fashion. The fantastic part is that the brightest tones actually come from natural sources: the foliage and candle.



If you think that Isabella might be perfect for your wedding or event, then just email us a quote with ISABELLA15 to get 15% off any Isabella charger plate.

But remember, there’s no time to hesitate, since the discount only applies if you confirm and pay the deposit in the month of April!


Flowers and concept: Amie Bone Flowers ✜ Lighting and production: Just Smile ✜ Catering: Bubble Food ✜ Table linen: OTT Rentals ✜ Chairs: Rosetone ✜ Photography: Sanshine

Berkeley Castle
Catering: Napier Catering ✜ Styling: Lauren Grey ✜ Venue: Berkeley Castle

Meet the Gang

Although Amazon and other big companies may be looking to replace all their staff with robots in the much-too-near future, Whitehouse Event Crockery can’t imagine not having living, breathing humans as their workforce. Though we may seem to run as flawlessly as a machine, it’s a combination of hilarious characters and hard-working men and women that keep this company afloat. Because there aren’t very many of us in the whole company, every single person is essential to keeping all the Whitehouse cogs turning. We work tirelessly to make sure that you guys don’t have to worry about a thing and, though it may be stressful for us at times, we have a lot of laughs along the way. Since it would be impossible for you to know us all inside out in just one blog post, we all answered 10 key questions about Whitehouse, and ourselves, to help you get an idea of what is means to work here.

So, without further ado, let us commence the introductions….


Name: Marc
Role at Whitehouse: Mr Bossman.
Started: Uhh…I started it in 2009 if that counts?
Favourite piece from the collection: Cara gold and silver.
Why?: It’s a bold statement.
No. 1 chocolate in a Celebrations box: Galaxy.
Biggest pet peeve: Cold Calls.
What drink do you order in a bar?: Fruity cider.
Best tip for people planning a wedding or event?: Research. Plan. Budget.
Favourite part about working here?: My team! Without them I wouldn’t have a successful business.


Name: Allan.
Role at Whitehouse: Warehouse Manager.
Started: October 2013 (I think…)
Favourite piece from the collection: Eliza collection
Why?: The complexity of the pattern and the subtlety of the colours make it a winner for me.
No. 1 chocolate in a Celebrations box: Maltesers.
Biggest pet peeve: LOUD PEOPLE!
What drink do you order in a bar?: Any pint of lager or ale.
Best tip for people planning a wedding or event?: Give yourself enough time to achieve success.
Favourite part about working here?: Always being busy and having a different challenge every day.


Name: Shelley
Role at Whitehouse: Office Admin (as well as a professional coffee and tea maker.)
Started: October 2018
Favourite piece from the collection: Valentine collection
Why?: Clean, fresh, modern and smart. It makes me smile when I see someone has chosen it.
No. 1 chocolate in a Celebrations box: Maltesers (it’s about the crunch!)
Biggest pet peeve: People that only talk about themselves.
What drink do you order in a bar?: Fruity flavoured gin and tonic.
Best tip for people planning a wedding or event?: Don’t let your mother take over (unless you want her to, of course.)
Favourite part about working here?: Working among lovely fellas, as well as always being busy.


Name: Dean
Role at Whitehouse: Manager
Started: June 2017
Favourite piece from the collection: Sienna Bronze/Rosanna/Georgia range
Why?: They are in a class of their own.
No. 1 chocolate in a Celebrations box: Mars
Biggest pet peeve: Politics
What drink do you order in a bar?: Strongbow dark fruits
Best tip for people planning a wedding or event?: Come and visit Whitehouse Event Crockery!
Favourite part about working here?: It may be work, but it’s a happy workplace.


Name: Neil
Role at Whitehouse: Pot Washer
Started: 2015
Favourite piece from the collection: Isabella Copper
Why?: A very modern plate
No. 1 chocolate in a celebrations box: Maltesers
Biggest pet peeve: Dean!
What drink do you order in a bar?: Vodka…
Best tip for people planning a wedding or event?: Go straight to Whitehouse – they have something for every occasion.
Favourite part about working here?: The banter with all the gang.


Name: Lee
Role at Whitehouse: Porter
Started: No clue!
Favourite piece from the collection: Pippa Lilac/Saffron
Why?: They’re just the best looking (in my opinion.)
No. 1 chocolate in a celebrations box: Maltesers
Biggest pet peeve: Wet Feet
What drink do you order in a bar?: Stella Artois
Best tip for people planning a wedding or event?: Obviously phone Whitehouse first.
Favourite part about working here?: The people.


Name: Tilly
Role at Whitehouse: Digital Marketing.
Started: January 2019.
Favourite piece from the collection: Saffron.
Why?: Such an interesting colour, unique from anything else in the collection.
No. 1 chocolate in a Celebrations box: Bounty (sorry everyone, but there has to be someone that likes it!)
Biggest pet peeve: Unnecessary touching.
What drink do you order in a bar?: Gin and Tonic any day.
Best tip for people planning a wedding or event?: Figure out your venue before everything else, then go to the Whitehouse website.
Favourite part about working here?: This hilarious gang of misfits.


So there we are! What exactly have you learnt about us? Certainly that there is an uneven number of us who like Maltesers, which may make the Christmas party a tad awkward… Lots of our favourite pieces also overlap, showing you that, despite all starting at different times, we are all on a similar wavelength. And finally, we all love working with one another. Oh, how I love a happy ending.

We hope next time you book with Whitehouse, you picture all of us working diligently to bring everything together for you. Don’t forget to like all our social media pages to be updated on new stock, get inspiration and stay in the loop with our latest deals.

Gold or Silver? And other big questions…

If you had the ability to guess the year’s trends accurately, what would happen? Well firstly, you’d probably become a millionaire because you’d have Wall Street wrapped around your finger. You would also be able to host the best picnics, considering the fact that you could organise them on the sunniest days of the year. But, most importantly, you’d be able to tell us which crockery is going to be the most popular this year! We like to think we know which pieces are ‘in’, and which need to wait their turn, but sometimes it can take us totally by surprise. Before we can understand the future, however, we have to take a look at the past. We’ll take you through which plates and glasses have stolen the limelight and which, from our 10 year experience in the industry, are on the up.

Let’s start with the chargers.


Daisy Charger Plates

Of course, before we talk about anything else, we have to talk about Daisy. This charger plate stormed into our warehouse in 2010 and demanded attention immediately. Available in gold, silver, rose-gold and clear, it has been used extensively by wedding planners, events organisers and professional stylists. So, what makes it so appealing? Perhaps it is just a fad, but we think that it is the subtlety of its design that really makes it a winner for all of you. The glints of colour that come from the beads stop it from simply fading into the background, whilst the clear centre allows it to mesh effortlessly with a multitude of styles. Daisy has certainly captured the hearts of many brides, however we finally feel like it’s light is slowly starting to burn out. Make way, Daisy, there are new plates in town.

Sienna baby pink

Pastels of course! Now you might say that’s a bit of an obvious choice, such as white for a wedding, but just hang on for a minute. Gold, silver and bronze have been stealing the show for a long time now and, much to our surprise, pastels have had to sit on the sidelines. But already, just in the first few months of the year, we see chargers like our Sienna baby pink making a serious comeback. Light pink, which may have been too cliche in the past, has been cropping up in both styled shoots and weddings. One day it was only an acceptable colour for roses, the next, for plates, dresses, and linens – people can’t get enough of it! Our pastel range is looking to get expanded exponentially in the coming year, so don’t be disheartened if you don’t see the plate for you just yet…

Next up, glassware.


Cara Gold Glassware

Drumroll please, may we introduce the infamous Cara glassware set. This exquisite range, available in either gold or silver, emulates much of what Daisy does. Perhaps its more grown-up sister, Cara is even more subtle in the detail that it can add to an event, yet no less spectacular. The golden rims make it popular, but its elegant design and chameleon-like ability to work in any scenario have kept it at the top. The delicacy of its colour has helped it to compliment many a wedding, however our prediction for glassware takes a very different direction.


Harper red and Amber goblet (top) and the Harper range

It would be a bit hypocritical if we said that colour was the next big thing for plates, and completely disregarded that statement for glasses. Our goblets, tumblers and water glasses have recently seen a real spike in professional shoots, which hopefully means people are going to start taking them seriously as a stylish wedding option. Many brides often assume that colourful glasses will make the wrong statement on their special day, however, as we have seen, they can actually be used in expert ways to match or enhance an existing colour pallet.

And finally…

Grace Gold

Last, but certainly not least, we have the cutlery. Before entering the wedding and events industry, I hadn’t considered cutlery to be an important feature of any tablescape. Fast-forward to the present day, and I would be beyond shocked to find a bride that doesn’t care about which cutlery she is going to use. Gold, of course, has been the obvious option in the past. Our Grace cutlery not only provides this beautifully addition, but also had its own subtle design that puts another notch on our high-quality belt. Gold has often worked in the past simply because the rest of the wedding has also been gold. We see how that makes sense. But 2019 is here, and along with it something new, mysterious and all together futuristic cutlery.

Blair Cutlery

Shall we take a minute to appreciate how beautiful this cutlery is. Okay that’s enough. This is the ‘Blair’ set, cutting through all our expectations of what cutlery should be and saying ‘I don’t care’ to classic wedding themes. Matt black, with a sleek design, these pieces are the essence of chic and, though we know they aren’t going to fit into everyone’s vision, we know they are going to come in on a high. Mixed with the coloured glassware, we know this look will be both mysterious and enticing, like seeing someone with an umbrella on a sunny day.


The real question, however, is what do you guys want to see? We put some polls up onto our Instagram to see if our guesses were correct, and, for the most part, we did pretty well. We asked three questions to gauge how trends were changing, and to see what our next project should be. Between vintage and plain porcelain, the clear winner was plain. Chic and minimalist, most of our ‘plain’ porcelain actually includes a great deal of design. Next was clear versus coloured glassware..which came as a draw! You guys can’t decide if you want to take the leap yet, but we promise, it’ll be worth it if you try. Lastly was the age-old question – gold or silver? And the answer…?


We’ll leave you to guess the answer.

A New Era at Whitehouse

With a look back on the last couple of years…

March! How can it be March? Yesterday it was January 1st, we swear…? The last two months have flown past in the blink of an eye, as have the last few years! We’ve hardly been able to take a moment to be  nostalgic about our past, since everything seems to want to move at light speed, but we’re taking a minute now to have a look back. From humble beginnings Whitehouse now hires out to hundreds of private events every year and is lucky enough to be involved in an increasing number of stylish photoshoots (we’ll get on to that later.)  But where did we start? And how did Whitehouse become such an established brand in the weird and wonderful world of weddings? You’re just going to have to keep reading to find out…

whitehouse_crockery_hire_wedding_new_era_4Image 1: Jervaulx Abbey Styled Shoot, see credits at the end.

Though we like to pretend that we were always involved in beautiful shoots (like the one above), it took us a great deal of time to get recognised by event planners and stylists. When we began in 2009 there was just one of us! Running the business single-handedly wasn’t easy, so we slowly built up our hired staff to help deal with our steady in-flow of work. Around 2014 we started gaining real traction in wedding and events circles, when our name finally became synonymous with high quality products and smooth service. Now in 2019, 10 years after we started, we’re proud to say that we are always busy, though there are still only 10 of us running the whole operation!

whitehouse_crockery_hire_wedding_new_era_5Image 2: Regal Romance styled shoot.

From one or two a year, Whitehouse is now asked by industry professionals to be used in their work every single week! We are proud of them all, and know that an immense amount of effort goes into planning every single one. This photo is from one of our most recent, and most widely published, shoots. Photographed at Hedsor House by Stuart Wood, it shows off some of our gorgeous gold crockery, encompassed by pink roses, reflective glass and upmarket tableware. The soft-focus also adds to their fairytale aura, especially with the twinkling tea-lights placed all around the table.

whitehouse_crockery_hire_wedding_new_era_6Image 3: The Walled Garden at Beeston styled shoot.

It was shoots like these that pushed Whitehouse into the eyes of the wider public, as well as showing off our collection to other stylists. Regal, casual, minimalist, outlandish, our crockery catered to everyone’s need, which is why we have such a wide range of photos in our database. People finally knew that no matter what they were looking for, they would be able to find it at Whitehouse.

whitehouse_crockery_hire_wedding_new_era_3Image 4: Clevedon Hall wedding.

But don’t get us wrong, we also love a wedding! Our most passionate reviews come from happy brides who were able to see their vision of a perfect wedding come to life. Our objective has always been to make it easy as possible for someone to plan their special day, and to make sure we were never responsible for any ‘hiccups’ that occur. Delivery and pick up from the venue, flexibility when changing orders and friendly staff have made many people’s day as stress-free as possible, hence why we are used again and again by wedding planners.

whitehouse_crockery_hire_wedding_new_era_1Image 5: Papakata Open Weekend

Last, but definitely not least, we have events. One of our frequently asked questions is ‘do you have enough crockery to cover the entire event?’ And the answer is always yes! In the summer months, we have such a multitude of orders over the weekends that we have made it our mission to have enough of our popular stock to run every event. Of course, there is a limit to this rule, however , we really, really hate having to decline you lot, so chances are we’ll have enough to fit your needs. Beautiful events like the Papakata Open Weekend make our heart leap, since they are such a pleasure for everyone involved.

whitehouse_crockery_hire_wedding_new_era_2Image 6: Garthmyl Hall styled shoot.

So, what is next for us? Well, we have a huge 2019 ahead of us here at Whitehouse event crockery. You guys really know how to keep us busy! With lots of new stock on the way, as well as a myriad of styled shoots in the works, we’ll have a hell of a lot to catch you up on as the year progresses. We want to take you along with us on our 2019 journey to show you how Whitehouse is run behind the scenes, why stylists love us and what we think the biggest trends of the year are going to be. To get inspired, and to keep up to date on our daily activities, follow Whitehouse on all our social media channels.


Image 1: Jervaulx Abbey styled shoot.
Photography: Jo Greenfield ✜ Styling: Emily K Weddings ✜ Florist: All Bunched Up ✜ Stationery: A Little Pigment ✜ Macaroons: Where the Ribbon Ends ✜ Planning through the Alternatives Photography Workshop

Image 2: Regal Romance styled shoot.
Venue: Hedsor House ✜ Planning: Love Lydia Wedding & Events Planner ✜ Photography: Stuart Wood ✜ Lighting: Glo Design and Event Production ✜ Flowers: Paul Rooney Floral Designer ✜ Cakes: Maya Dahlia Cakes ✜ Furniture: Great Hire ✜ Linens: Ott Rentals ✜ Stationary: Leeming Brothers ✜ Macarons: Gourmandises ✜ Balloons: Balloonista

Image 3: The Walled Garden at Beeston styled shoot.
Photography: Emily Olivia Photography ✜ Flowers: Frances and Rose ✜ Silk runners: cfleursdesign ✜ Venue: The walled garden Beeston ✜ Light installation: Fabrictheatre ✜ Tables: Be Event Hire

Image 4: Clevedon Hall wedding.
Venue: Clevedon Hall ✜ Event Designer: Thomas Bui Lifestyle ✜ Flowers: Daisy Lane Floral ✜ Stationary: Design by Pye ✜ Video: Alex Haynes Film ✜ Photography: Sam Gibson ✜ Linens: Allens Hire ✜ Stemware: Keeping it Vintage Devon ✜ Shoes: Bella Belle Shoes ✜ Dress: Sachin and Babi ✜ Suiting: Taliare London ✜ Hair and Makeup: Beauty by Stacy MUA

Image 5: Papakata Open Weekend.
Photography: Natasha carman ✜ Tent and teepees: Papakata ✜ Venue: Escrick Park Estate ✜ Florist: Red Floral Architecture ✜ Event planning: Lucy wright Wedding and Events ✜ Linen: Just 4 Line ✜ Stationary: Wonderland Invites ✜ Cake: Where the Ribbon Ends ✜ Catering: Baba Ganoush Catering ✜ Bar: Yorkshire Bartender ✜ Lighting: lightech

Image 6: Garthmyl Hall styled shoot.
Photographer: Agnes Black ✜ Stylist & Props: Chiascuro Style ✜ Dresses: Grace Loves Lace ✜ Venue: Garthmyl Hall ✜ MUA: Hannah Carson MUA Hair: Annie Elizabeth Bespoke Bridal Hair ✜ Cake: Marie Antoinette Cakes ✜ Shoes: Charlotte Mills Shoes ✜ Flowers: Chloe Robinson Designs ✜ Veil: Sash and Veil ✜ Silk and ribbons: Silk and Purl ✜ Stationary: By Moon and Tide ✜ Model: Ella McNeil

Crockery of the Month – March 19

What on earth is this?

Welcome to this wonderful new section of the Whitehouse blog that we are calling ‘crockery of the month.’ (It’s not as dreary as it sounds,) We are beginning this as a way to highlight some beautiful pieces within our collection that we believe aren’t getting the attention they truly deserve. Some will seem outlandish, and others remarkably simple, but hopefully this monthly blog will help to guide you towards options that you may not have considered before. On top of that, we will be offering a discount on the charger plates being show if you put in an order within the month it is being promoted. We would definitely call that a win-win situation. Therefore, if you are planning a wedding, or simply looking to get inspired, then I suggest you keep scrolling…

This month’s choice is…   The Eliza Charger Plate!


So why did we choose our ‘Eliza’ range to highlight this month? Well, we love all of our crockery equally, but Eliza is a charger plate that is exquisitely designed whilst, unfortunately, being underappreciated by our client base. First being featured at Whitehouse in March 2018, its regal design is often overlooked as too ‘busy’ by many planners, perhaps thinking that it is going to clash against existing colour pallets. However, in person, Eliza adds a level of subtle design that coordinates expertly with a more down-to-earth wedding, whilst also retaining its own unique charm.

But what is a charger plate?

If you’re new to the exciting world of crockery, you might be asking ‘what on earth is a charger plate?’ We generally use charger plates as a form of placemat underneath the plate or bowl you would actually use to serve your food. Found in English and Scottish texts in the 13th century, its name derives from both the term ‘chargeour’ meaning large plate, and the Latin verb ‘carricane’ which means to load, It’s function changed to the one we know today in the 19th century, when it started being used at formal dinners, functions and events. But enough history, let’s have a look at how the Eliza crockery can be styled for different scenarios.

Crockery in-action
Gisburne Park

These striking photographs, taken at Gisburne Park, just north of Manchester, were part of a styled shoot organised by Emily K Weddings.  Inspired by the Ribble Valley, as well as the river that runs through Gisburne Park, this shoot incorporated the blues and greens of its surroundings, whilst nodding its head to Gisburne’s grand history with the use of our gold cutlery and gold rimmed glassware. Topped off with our clear Eliza charger plate, the final look had just the right amount of detail whilst also looking fresh and clean.

Gisburne 1

Gisburne 3

Gisburne 2  emily-k-weddings-gisburne-park

Emily from Emily K Weddings said this about the clear plate:

‘I love the [Eliza clear], especially if you use a coloured table cloth or coloured charger underneath.

They’re subtle,elegant and detailed. I think they’re a great vintage look [that] don’t look as big and cluttered on the table because they’re clear.’

 If you feel especially taken with the colour pallet of this particular shoot, we have done a colour grab from Pantone© to helpyou get it exactly right.



Irnham Hall

This second shoot also happens to come from an Emily K Weddings styled shoot! Clearly Emily saw the diamond in the rough with this range of crockery. As different from the first images as you could possibly get, these Eliza pink charger plates were paired with both vibrant and muted tones, enhancing the plates and the surrounding. Torn linens, clear glassware and bare tables creates the feeling of being at an ancient royal feast, whilst the rose-gold cutlery and miniature succulents remind us that this can be a brilliantly modern look.

Shelley, who works at Whitehouse, said this about the Eliza charger plate range:
‘I think these plates have a special charm about them.
Some people would say that they’re too garish for a wedding, and they might not be for everyone,
but for a bride that wants to turn heads, this is perfect.’



This colour range is obviously much brighter than the other design, but that by no means makes it ostentatious, The pinks and blues of the plate work in conjunction with a variety of other tones, but is pulled back by the muted nature of the wood.


If you think that Eliza might be perfect for your wedding or event,

then just email us a quote with ELIZA15 to get 15% off any Eliza charger plate.

But remember, there’s no time to hesitate,

since the discount only applies if you confirm and pay the deposit in the month of March! 


Credits for the events work contained within this post:

Gisburne House :
Photographer: @emilyoliviaphotography ✜ Planner & Stylist: @emilykweddings
✜ Venue:@gisburneparkweddings ✜ Flowers: @riverandroseuk ✜ Cake: @wheretheribbonends ✜  Stationery:@sallyjanecalligraphy
✜ Furniture: @blue_sky_events
Irnham Hall:
Photography: Jo Greenfield ✜ Styling: Emily K Weddings ✜ Florist: All Bunched Up ✜
Planning through the Alternatives Photography Workshop

New Products for Whitehouse Event Crockery

White crockery simply never goes out of style. Whether square, round or oblong, white plates and pots are one of our most popular items for hire here at Whitehouse. Chefs love white plates for showing off the vibrant colours in their food, and when planning a table, white always looks fresh and clean, providing the perfect base to build your table theme around.

With a pristine white centre and a self-coloured subtle pattern around the edge, the Florence range brings a touch of design to classic white crockery.

Available in a dinner plate, a starter plate, a side plate, desert pate, soup plate and cups and saucers, and at quantities up to 1000 per item, we know our regular and new customers will simply love the Florence range.

In addition to our new white crockery for hire, we also have a brand new glassware range to add to our collection called Victoria – View our Victoria Glassware range here


We always like to name our crockery, cutlery, glass and tableware ranges after beautiful female names. From Grace to Amelia, Mia to Sienna, we think the names of our ranges reflect the beauty of the pieces themselves.

Our stunning new glassware range is a beautiful combination of contemporary meets classic design. With a tapered stem and cut bowl, it would look perfect in any table setting. From one of the finest producers in Italy, the new range features a red wine glass, a white wine glass and a champagne flute.


Take a look at the full range of products on our website – View Our New Florence Range

These wonderful food photography images were supplied by weddings by Nicola & Glen (www.weddingsbynicolaandglen.com) who captured the magic at a recent event in the Cotswolds, organised by award winning wedding and event planner Jane Riddell from Planned for Perfection ). We have worked with Jane at many of her luxury weddings this year and for this event and she chose our new Florence range, as well as our “Amy” Glassware and silver beaded charger plates to wow guests at a winter lunch event that she organised at Sudeley Castle.(www.sudeleycastle.co.uk)

For details of how Jane can plan your perfect wedding or party, visit her website – www.plannedforperfection.co.uk or call;
London: 0203 701 4016
The Cotswolds: 01452 302797
Mobile: 07917273180

Whitehouse Expands after Busy Summer

It’s been a busy summer here at Whitehouse HQ! We’ve been up and down the country providing our plates, crockery, glassware and tableware for events of all shapes and sizes.

From product launches to promotional events, showcases to open days, our crockery has been hired for use at all kinds of events so far this year. We have also been especially busy with weddings over the summer months; with one or two celebrity names gracing our client list! 


Due to the increase in demand for our crockery from both new and repeat clients, we have welcomed five new members of staff to our team since June. Now taking our total number of employees to 9, our team includes the lovely Racheal who has joined us as office manager who is doing a great job of dealing with customer orders and managing the logistics of our deliveries.

In another method to meet customer demand we have also invested in a further delivery vehicle. With the new van now on the road, we are able to provide an enhanced service and shorter ordering deadlines for our catering, private and restaurant clients throughout the UK. 


In addition to expanding our workforce, we have also increased the setting numbers available for some of our most popular ranges and some fabulous new ranges. This includes our hugely popular Grace gold cutlery. As one of the few high end suppliers offering gold cutlery hire in the UK, we can now provide up to 600 place settings. 


As ever you can keep up to date with everything we have going on over on our social media channels. Check us out on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. 

Big Love! from Typical Type

Our BIG LOVE adventure began in the Summer of 2013. Typical Type was born from many years of left over pieces of wood and MDF being made by Darren into letters and shapes during quiet moments in the workshop. Dotted all around our house are little letters and tokens of love, and we decided it was high time to spread the joy to others, and so started Typical Type. Then in October 2013 we were then asked if we could supply BIG lit letters for weddings by a photographer friend. When we say BIG, we really mean BIG. One frantic week later the leap was made from 20 cm letters to 6 foot high ones. Our first wedding fair saw us take 6 bookings and we knew we were on the right path.

Askham Hall250_1000px

We are based between the lovely old town of Lancaster and the glorious seaside town of Morecambe, and we now deliver our lovely BIG letters, numbers and lighting solutions all over the North West. Initially we worked from home, but now we have out-grown that and have a happy work shop near the river Lune, and deliver all over the North West.


Now we are the proud suppliers of 6 foot high lit letters to many, many weddings, parties and celebrations and our range has grown to include new lighting, such as festoons and Edisons. We understand that your day is yours. You have planned for months and make your choices carefully, and we are meticulous about getting things right for you. Our letters are insured, pat tested and immaculate. You will never see them at odd angles or looking a bit bashed – we want to get it perfect for you and go to great lengths to get it just right. Getting married is a truly joyful time, but it can be a little stressful too, so we are here to help, please just contact us if you have any queries at all, we LOVE to hear from you.


Megan and Darren xx

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