Amazing Wedding Inspiration with Whitehouse Crockery

July 2019 First post

July was certainly a crazy month here at Whitehouse. As temperatures soared, we were delighted to see outdoor weddings being blessed with warm, cloudless days, as well as finally being sent some mind-blowing pictures from many of the photoshoots that we were a part of back at the start of 2019 (and even in 2018!) Being suddenly inundated with exquisite photos is obviously something we can’t complain about, however, we were afraid that due to this influx of material, you may have missed some of the best bits! That is why we decided to create this blog: to take you through some of our favourite pictures from the month, showcasing incredible styling, blushing brides and even some fluffy friends… Now this isn’t to say that all of these pictures were taken in July, but simple that we were lucky enough to receive them [or get to the go ahead to post them] last month. So sit back, scroll through, and enjoy the best of the best!

[All photos include Instagram credits underneath]


Let’s start big shall we! This incredible shoot at Aynhoe Park, featuring florals from Amie Bone, decided to hold nothing back when it came to decorations. Exploding florals, gold candelabras, feathered flamingos and a friendly giraffe all come together to create a disney-esque scene, all sat within this bright, vaulted venue. As well as trying to be an excessive as possible with their styling, they also chose to include the ideal of ‘love is love': showcasing how it doesn’t matter who is getting married, only that they love each other and want to commit to one another for life.










Photographer: @sanshinephoto, Styling & Co-ordination: @CharlotteMunroWeddings, Floral Design: @amieboneflowers, Venue: @aynhoepark, Cake and Dessert Design: @elizabethscakeemporium, Stationery: @eg.lettering, Candles Sticks, Bird Cages & Table Décor: @weddingdayhire, Feather Lamps: @amoderngrandtour, Beauty: @teamglambridal, Wedding & Engagement Rings: @london_victorian_ring_co, Gown Designer: @chantalmallett, Furniture: @thepropfactory, Menswear: @tailormadelondon / @chester_barrie

Duddon Hall

We know that the Aynhoe shoot is a hard act to follow, however we felt that this toned-down wedding could give you a little break from the rainbow explosion. Housed in a gorgeous marquee, with a canopy of twinkling fairy lights, this wedding showcased our new olive tumblers for the first time. Pairing them with subtle green florals, our detailed glassware, a neutral tablecloth and simple wooden chairs, the final effect is both rustic and modern, capturing our attention without having to try too hard.







Photographer: @clairepennphoto, Venue: @duddonmillfarm, Stylist: @kristinmrsw


This creative shoot had a beautifully unique idea as their premise: using absolutely no natural light, only candles and neon lights. This may beg the question, how can you create a romantic bridal shoot using no natural light? Well, this is where you will find the answer. With chic styling, subtle lighting and suave suits, we can’t help but gawp at how they took this simple idea and turned it into something exceptional.







Photographer: @amyfaithphoto, Venue: @hinterlandsweddings, White Bridalware: @whiteclosetstudios, Black dress: @shikobabride, Neon Signs: @neoncreations, Florals: @marymaryflorals, Veils/Capes: @adornbyashley, Cake: @elizabethharriscakes, Make-up: @hcarson_mua, Stationary: @sophieklmitchell, Tables/Chairs: @rustichire, Headpiece: @rustyrose86, Models: @babylon_fox and @jack_dyche.

Hirst Priory

It’s safe to say we were pretty excited to get these pictures back, especially when we saw that they had alpacas at this wedding! This gorgeous couple went above and beyond with their boho theme, using our sleek gold pieces to give their tables a little bit of extra shine. We love the open feeling that this venue created, whilst still giving us a woodland-fairytale vibe, with fairy lights and floral blooms to finish the whole look off.









Photography: @bohochicweddings, Florals: @campbellsflowers, Venue: @hirst_priory, Tipi: @serentipiltd, Organisers: The Alternatives Workshop, Styling: @bornbohohire, Bride’s dress: Reworked 70’s dress by @bexbrides, Jewellery: @samryde_jewellery, Groom’s Outfit: @dandythreads, Cake: @storeybook_cakes, Cake Stand: @bramblesky2014, Pizza Van: @mrandmrspickwicks, Stationery: @raspberry_toast, Alpacas: @jandjalpacas

Rockliffe Hall

This wedding had not one, but two exquisite days for us to enjoy, giving us absolute perfection on both of them. From the white piano with florals pouring out of it [I mean come on, how incredible is that] to the amazing chandeliers, we could probably say this is one of the most luxurious occasions we’ve ever seen. For day one [white] only our gold glasses were used, however we had the privilege of doing the whole table for the second day [blue].










Photography: @nkimaphotography, Stylist/Planner: @heleneriksenweddings, Florals: @paularooneyfloraldesigner, Venue: @rockliffe_hall, Marquee:@mahood_marquees, Lighting: @lightechltd, Draping: @drapingbliss

Walcot Hall

For our final highlight, we wanted to mix it up and show you this amazing Cuban-style shoot, using delicate flowers, contrasting colours and some of our most unique pieces to give us an imaginative and tropical set up. We love how the worn blue of the table matches the opaque blue of the walls, with every other colour imaginable in between. We think the reason we were so drawn to this shoot was because it mixed both casual aspects with that of luxurious excess, making us wish we were somewhere much warmer than Manchester right now…






Photography: @birgittazoutmanphotography, Dress, veil and real flower jewelry: @adornbyashley, Styling: @floveevents, Cake: @thesuagarcart, Model: @flaviafazenda, Stationary: @lucky_nibs, Mua: @fran_hansen_hair_fx, Florist: @oliveowlflowers, Videographer: @letsgetitshot, Shoes: @di_hassall, Ribbons and table linens: @silkandpurl, Venue: @walcothall, Singer: @sadiebeth92

Wedding Anniversary Dinners – Whitehouse has you covered

Whether you are planning on having an intimate night with the one that you love, or bringing your friends and family back together to celebrate many years of marriage, anniversary dinners can come in every style, and size, imaginable. Here at Whitehouse, we believe that the anniversaries are just as important as the wedding itself, especially when you have to keep celebrating them year after year! Many of us will be familiar with the gifts and themes for the years following your special day: one year, paper, two years, cotton, three years, leather etc. but this does not mean you have to follow the crowd when it comes to ordinary gifts or dinner celebrations. How about, for paper, a menu for the night written in the style of a poem? What about, for wood [the 5th year], you have an anniversary lunch outside, using only seasonal foods? We believe the possibilities are endless, which is why we want to help you to feel inspired. Covering the first five years, this article will give you some ideas for gifts, tableware and thoughtful tidbits that will stop the first few anniversaries from becoming just another chore in your list of things to do. Remember, the wedding is just the beginning, it’s everything that comes afterwards that really counts…

First year: Paper


Your first year together as a married couple should, if cliches are correct, be the most magical. Stolen kisses, sorrowful goodbyes in the mornings and silly impromptu dance competitions in the kitchen are all features of this ‘honeymoon’ period. This means that, though the first year’s theme is ‘paper’, it should be no means be plain. The worst mistake you can make in this area is thinking that paper needs to be white. In fact, paper is probably the most interpret-able category of them all, since it can come in a huge variety of shapes, styles and textures. Our dinner was inspired by the idea of the homemade, the personal and the slightly imperfect, incorporating lots of DIY details to embody the excitement of this still-fresh romance.


Pieces included: Caterina [porcelain], Victoria [glassware] and Eden [cutlery].

By using a set of raised-porcelain as the main plates, as well as using this same style for the teacup and pot as well as white and gold cutlery, we immediately removed the need for any more white on the table. Instead, we wanted to bring aspects of brightness by using yellow, which instinctively reminds one of happiness, halting monotony in its tracks. Brown paper is an easy way to bypass a tablecloth whilst also allowing another layer of creativity into your evening. With ours, for instance, we used it to write a short poem about the night, with the other side showcasing the 3 courses that were going to feature that evening. The little discs alongside them are made from simply brushing some watercolours over a piece of white card, cutting them into circles, then drawing very simple interpretations of flowers on top. When combining all of these, as well as a colourful design for the centre plate and a bunch of flowers within the teapot, the final product is one that has a great deal of personality, with a touch of professionalism. Undeniably adorable, yet easy to execute, this would propel you into the second year of your marriage in high spirits.

Second Year: Cotton


Once again, cotton may be seen as something simple, basic or even boring, however it can be manipulated and adjusted to fit around you as a couple. For us, when we think of cotton, we think of the empire that it once was: linking it to wealth, prosperity and progress. For this reason, we felt that a 19th century-style tea party would fit this image perfectly. Although you would probably just be hosting in your dining room at home, we implore you to use your imagination in picturing yourself within a grand ballroom, waiting on high-tea and cakes, examining the newest cotton fabrics from faraway places.


Pieces included: Scarlett silver [charger] Vintage [plate, cup, saucer, milk jug], Alice [cutlery] and Alex [glasses]

Though you are probably more comfortable in your marriage by this point, that does not mean that standards need to slip. For your second year together, it is even more important to show that you still appreciate your other half, which is why this whole theme is centered around grandeur. This scene mixes modern and vintage elements to nod its head at cotton’s extraordinary history and its commonplace use today. A simple napkin, for instance, is topped by an elaborately designed menu, combining past and present effortlessly. Although we included a full menu, you could also make this a setting for delicious cakes or macaroons [depending on the preferences]. We felt that by matching the menu and the place-card, you could make the table feel more professionally laid, with a small note inside the card to add a touch of thoughtfulness. Despite this idea being more refined, it still emulates a feeling of intimacy, with the knowledge that you shouldn’t ever take one another for granted.

Third Year: Leather


What does one see when they think of leather? Is it a watch with a handsome strap? A beautiful designer handbag? Or perhaps, a little more garish, a cow-skin rug? Of course, any of these would make most people incredibly happy, but does it really reflect on your time as a couple? For this year, the item that came to mind for us was a journal; leather bound to keep the memories within it safe and enclosed, and filled to the brim with kindness. This is something you would have to start straight after your second anniversary, but the final product would be something heart-warming.


Pieces included: Valentine [plates], Grace [cutlery] and Martha smoke [glass].

Leather can sometimes seem like the textile with the least amount of soul [despite actually being made from an animal]. It is hard, impermeable and opaque, three things that usually aren’t associated with romance, however it can also resemble permanence, reliability and excellence. Receiving something made from leather is always a treat, however we know that a leather wallet can sometimes feel impersonal. Instead, starting from your second anniversary, try keeping a journal of the everyday moments in your relationship. Things that made you laugh, made you cry, brought you together and made you stronger as a pair. Include photos, tickets, receipts and anything else that helps you to remember the special moments you chose to document. Then, when the anniversary comes around, you can share memories from your year together: reliving things that you had perhaps forgotten and remembering that every day with that person can bring something new.

Fourth Year: Flowers/Fruit


Some people may look at this theme and think ‘well this must be the easiest, just buy a lovely bunch of flowers, and you’re done!’ Oh you poor, poor soul. Have you learned nothing year? Just because the concept is simple, that does not mean the execution has to be as well. For this year, we felt that the idea of ‘season celebrations’ fit perfectly. This means looking at the season in which you chose to get married and reminding each other why you decided that was when you wanted have your ceremony. This means looking at florals, fruits and general decorations that reflect the season of your choice, with each having their own beautiful merits.


Pieces included: Eleanor [charger], Sofia [plate], Vintage [teacup, pot and side plate], Harper [water glass]

Since we are writing this in July, we felt it would only be right to have a summer-inspired table for the celebration of the fruit and flower year. By going out and collecting wildflowers, you can add that personal touch instantly, as well as letting your other half know you are going to the effort of creating your own bouquets, rather than simply buying a pre-made one from the shops. We wanted to keep the colours lively to reflect the vibrancy of the season, with a lace tablecloth to stop the scene from feeling heavy or serious. We also took some cuttings from a local magazine to stick on the wall, brightening the whole table and giving it an art-gallery feeling. This year is all about making your relationship feel fun and fresh: perhaps remembering when things were a little more impulsive, unrefined and free-spirited. Forget, for a day, about bills, taxes and responsibilities and instead think of one another and the things that initially brought you both together.

Fifth year: Wood


Wood was probably the hardest year to think of something unique, so instead we chose something so simple that it is often overlooked. Instead of ornate wooden objects, or things made of wood [like pencils or, of course, paper], we thought that enjoying the material at its source would gives this year the significance it deserves. By taking a picnic out to your local green space, you save money on restaurants, trinkets and travel, instead revealing in what nature has to offer. Of course, this is easy for us to say now, in the middle of summer, however we’re sure there are some beautiful wintry walks that would have the same effect as this.


Pieces included: Summer [charger plate], Rosana [cutlery] Florence [porcelain] and Jemima slate [glass]

Firstly, congratulations on making it to five years together! Though people don’t put as much emphasis on it as the decade mark, we know that making it to five years is already an amazing achievement. Secondly, the final layout is something that is so easily repeatable, it’s hardly worth talking about it [but we obviously will.] The muted tones of our picnic blanket match the theme perfectly [with this one have an appropriately rustic pattern on it] with our crockery keeping the exuberance to a minimum. We included some charcoal drawing of the plants that surrounded, thinking that this might be a sweet activity to do together, instead of looking at your phones or talking about work. Sometimes it is the times when you are being quiet together that makes you appreciate one another’s company more. If you are desperate need of giving a present, then how about sponsoring a tree [or even an entire woodland] for your partner through the National Woodlands Trust? This way, you can create a tradition of visiting it every year on your anniversary, or, if you don’t have the time, just envisage the tree as a symbol of your relationship: strong, beautiful and hopefully, long-living.

We hope you feel inspired to do something a little bit different for you anniversary, or even for your wedding! Share this with a friend that has an anniversary coming up to help them do something unique and don’t forget to check out all our social media pages for more interesting ideas.

Whitehouse Crockery Meets Disney

We see so many princess-style weddings here at Whitehouse, we thought it would be time to see what a real princess would actually do with our products! We’ve put together some table layouts for some of our favourite Disney heroines, either to celebrate their happily-ever-after wedding, or simply for a grand royal feast that they might be hosting. We’ve included a good range of princesses, but if there’s someone you would desperately like us to imagine a table for, then just leave a comment on this post and we might create a part 2…

Snow White

Snow White may be the oldest Disney princess, but we felt that a few modern twists could give her wedding table a 21st century feeling. Using dark blue, yellow, rose-gold and black, we featured all the colours that are associated with Snow, but translated into a more fashionable tones. Like all Disney princesses, she expertly mixes a delicate sensibility with a tough will, which is why we chose to have such striking items upon a lace tablecloth. We think Snow White would adore this at her wedding and, hopefully, she’ll recommend us when all the dwarves get married too!

In this look: Scarlett rose-gold charger plate, Sofia porcelain, Blair cutlery and Serena glassware



Rapunzel is probably one of the princesses with the saddest story, but also the one with some of the strongest willpower. That’s why we felt her wedding should be a mix of classic and eccentric colours, because, at the end of the day, she can do whatever she wants! Delicate flower petals nod their head to the origins of her powers, the magical flower, whilst darker purples hint towards her troubled upbringing. We definitely believe she deserves the full princess treatment after been locked away for 18 years, therefore we put as much pink and purple in as humanly possible.

In this look: Sienna purple charger plate, Caterina porcelain, Alice cutlery, Harper lilac water glass, Alex glassware



In a way, this table setting is the anti-wedding set-up, since Brave is entirely about how antiquated arranged marriages are for smart, independent, capable women [or any women, in that case.] To honour that, we went for a very rustic, rugged look, incorporating stoneware to match the harsh, but beautiful, Scottish environment. We felt that Meredith’s hair was bright enough to do away with any colour anywhere else on the table, therefore all the tones are muted down, including the delicate Gypsophila that sits beautifully within the crisp, white napkin. Meredith taught us about the importance of family, as well as the power that a women can have if she believes in herself, two ideas that we support wholeheartedly.

In this look: Charlotte charger plate, Simone porcelain, Alice cutlery, Dee tumbler, Crystal glassware



We simply had to cover Jasmine’s wedding table in bright blues and glinting crystal, since she probably lives in the grandest circumstances of all the princesses. However, because Jasmine never wanted the life that was given to her, opting instead to roam the streets with Aladdin, we’ve given her both opulence and simple aspects, all combining to create a look that captures both sides of her personality. An emerald-coloured charger plate matches the vintage-style plate atop it, with this gorgeous menu finishing it all off to the highest standard.

In this look: Mia emerald charger plate, Vintage side plate, Blair cutlery, Madison glassware



Beauty and the Beast always had the most fantastic message: just concentrating on looks will lead to your ruin, instead focus on making yourself a better person. This is why we went for a deliciously simple layout, with the single rose representing the Beast’s countdown and a regal piece of pink-rimmed porcelain to remind everyone that Belle did, unbeknownst to her, fall in love with a member of the royal family. A teacup replaces the usual glassware which, we hope, would burst into life at some point during the reception to sing a beautiful song. We won’t hold our breath though…

In this look: Sienna baby pink charger plate, Eleanor pastel pink porcelain, Grace cutlery, vintage teacup



Blue strips cut through this table layout, representing the thorns that kept the prince from waking Aurora from her destined sleep. Apart from that, however, we felt that, as one of the kindest and most nature-loving princesses, she should have engorged flowers and scattered leaves to soften the table, along with a pale blue charger plate to match her dress (although, we could have gone with pink or purple as well…). The gold of her hair is captured in this beautiful cutlery, as well as her polite sensibility. If Aurora is proof of anything, it is that having three women raise you makes you a kind, interesting, respectful woman yourself.

In this look: Connie charger plate, Caterina porcelain, Eden cutlery, Harper purple water glass



For our last princess, we changed the tone with Tiana’s frog-inspired colour scheme. Perhaps the most humble of all the princesses, Tiana knows the value of hard work, as well as the importance of quality over quantity. This is why we think she would choose bold, but not excessive, colours, with detailed flowers to remind her of the short time she spent traversing the undergrowth as an amphibian. Once again, we had to include hints of gold just to remind us that she is, in fact, a princess, however we didn’t want to push it in everyone’s face.

In this look: Sienna green charger plate, Valentine porcelain, Grace cutlery, Vintage teacup


Which princess do you think you relate to the most?

Would you go with the ultra-princess table set-up, with Rapunzel, or for the toned-down feast set up like Meredith. We’d love to hear about your favourite ones, and don’t forget to share with any friends who you think deserve a princess wedding. If you’re feeling inspired, go straight to the main part of our website to start a quote, but if you’re still looking for more to spark your interest, then check out our social media pages. We post pictures every single day of weddings, shoots and layouts that we’ve done at the Whitehouse HQ, so click on any of the links below to go straight there.


Whitehouse Summer – New Arrivals 2019


It’s the blog you’ve all be waiting for! Well, we’d like to think so anyway…

You will have seen us drip feeding you the newest members of our family over the last few months. From cool cutlery to eye-grabbing glassware, we have been waiting until everything has been to confirmed to finally shout about it. In this blog we’ll introduce each new product, telling you why we think it’s going to make a splash, as well as when it is available to hire. Get your mouse ready to click on these links because we’re certainly they’re going to be in high demand over the next few months…


Click here to view the Tessa range now.

Colours : Silver, Gold and Rose-Gold


Why we love it: This ancient-style plate has a thick enough colour to help it make an impact, but stays subtle enough to work with almost every theme.

When is it available: End of July


Click here to view the Connie range now.

Colours: Pastel pink and pastel blue


Why we love it: Gorgeous colours and intricate designs make this a winner – as well as the fact that they could be used as charger plates or as plates you eat off.

When is it available: End of July


Click here to view the Eleanor range now.

Colours: Pastel pink and pastel blue


Why we love it: This plate has such a regal design, perfect for making any event feel like a royal wedding.

When is it available: End of July


Click here to view new Caitlyn Stoneware plates.

Click here to view new Maya Stoneware plates.

Click here to view new Simone Stoneware plates.

Sizes: 8.5”/11”


Why we love it: Fabulous underneath other porcelain, or on top of other charger plates, these new stoneware plates have gorgeous textured surfaces, redefining the porcelain category in the best way.

When is it available: Beginning of July

Savannah Pearlescent

Click here to view the Savannah Pearlescent charger plate.

Colour: Pearlescent


Why we love it: This is a gorgeous addition to the savannah family. With its ethereal colour and classic shape, we know it’s going to fit in perfectly.

When is it available: Now


Click here the view the Blair cutelry range.

Colour: Black


Why we love it: This cutlery breaks all the boundaries – saying no to traditional crockery norms.

When is it available: Now

Harper Green

Click here to view the new Harper Green glassware.

Colour: Green


Why we love it: This green is so unique: it catches natural light exquisitely and can be used in conjunction with almost all our other products.

When is it available: Now

Victoria Tumbler

Click here to view the new Victoria Tumbler glassware.

Colour: Clear/White


Why we love it: These icy tendrils look so fantastic up the side of the other Victoria glassware, we knew it was time to get in the tumbler.

When is it available: Now

Martha Water Glass / Flute

Click here to view the new Martha glassware range.

Colours: Pink/Blue/Smoke


Why we love it: With their intriguing colours and 3D design, these glasses can add a little bit of fun to an occasion

When is it available: End of July

Eden Cutlery

Click here to view the new Eden Cutlery range.

Colour: Gold and White


Why we love it: Combining our most popular cutlery, Grace, with a sleek white handle, this cutlery set is the definition of elegance.

When is it available: Now

That’s everything [for now]! Whitehouse is always looking to expand our product range to introduce new items that push past tradition ideas of crockery. We hope that our new pieces inspire you to look in unique directions when you envisage your wedding or event, pushing you to cast your gaze far outside the box.

For even more ideas, just follow our social media pages.


Tipis, Tents and the return of Boho

If you were thinking of having your wedding in a Tipi or a tent this year, this is definitely the blog for you. As the weather warms, the tent and tipi open days start becoming more frequent, along with the number of outdoor weddings. Lucky for us, Whitehouse has had the pleasure of providing crockery for a variety of Tipi, marquee and tent open days: PapaKata, Boutipi, All about me and Serentipi all used Whitehouse products to showcase their beautiful venues, with each having their own unique styling. We’ve seen tent weddings rising exponentially over the past few years, perhaps because of global warming and increasing temperatures, but hopefully because they allow for such a broad range of colour schemes and themes. This means that no matter the bride, they are guaranteed to provide a venue that fits into their concept of a perfect wedding. To celebrate these fantastic companies, we’ve provided a little overview of each of the open days, with an insight into the different styles that each company has.


Voted England’s No.1 Tipi provider last year, we thought the Boutipi Open Weekend would be a good place to start. The company was started when one of the founding members was looking for something different and unique for their special day. Inspired by Scandinavian tipis, they fell in love instantly took inspiration for both their own wedding and their company. Made in Moskosel, Northern Sweden, Boutipi’s website say that their tipis can ‘meet the British polar winters or warm summer days’, meaning that you don’t have to be able to predict weather in order to hire our these tents.



Boutipi chose to style our crockery in 3 different scenarios, making for some absolutely exquisite photos. The first two pictures showcase a very classic boho look: mixing the gold tones of our crockery with rustic wooden tables and lilac fabrics. When you think of a wedding in a tent, this is probably what comes to mind. The next two took a slightly more delicate approach, using our detailed charger plates to give the table an intriguing, fairytale-esque look with wildflowers dappled across the table. We can picture this look for both a wedding or a party, with the fun designs and minimal decor working perfectly within the tent. The final style showed the flexibility of the tents, creating a fresh, white look with beautiful hanging florals. The mixture of whites and silvers showcase the openness of hiring out a tipi and, though they state that they can be used in any weather, we’ll always love the look of sunlight streaming in.






At the bottom of the Serentipi website it says ‘Ordinary is not an option.’ We love this mantra, and believe that they fulfil this every time they hire out their tents and tipis. Their ‘Katas’ create the most intimate spaces, paired with beautiful lightings and raw wooden tables, Regional winners of the 2019 wedding industry awards, they, like Boutipi, have a great deal of experience and prestige under their belt. We love that on their ‘story’ they say ‘Our dedicated team will be there at every stage, from choosing your venue and suppliers, to adding those little personal touches to create magical memories for you and your guests,’ showing how invested they are in every event they are involved in.



Serentipi hit the boho mark much more on the head with their weekend, making sure that every detail, from their crochet table runners and chrome candle holders, would run in the same vein. Using our Eliza charger plates, they transformed these long benches into something ‘hippy chic’, topping off the ambience with fabulous climbing fairy lights. With a much darker feeling, Serentipi has definitely found their stride by using fabulous green foliage on the table and at the top of the tent, with bold, modernist stationary reminding us that these are photos from the present day, not the 70s. One thing they definitely have in common with Boutipi, apart from the obvious thing, is that they also love using our gold crockery. And hey, we’re not complaining.



All about Me

All about me have fabulous tipis and marquees to hire for a huge variety of occasions. We are also impressive with how deeply they care about the environmental impact of their tipis. On their website they state that ‘All About Me are dedicated to maintaining a natural, clean environment. That’s why we’ll make absolutely sure that the venue for your tipi looks as wonderful afterwards as it did when we found it.’ This is a fantastic thing to think about, since we often forget that pitching up a tipi can affect the environment negatively.



Bathed in light from the giant neon letters at the back of the tent, All about Me definitely went more for a rustic theme, using logs as candle holders and keeping the colour scheme to browns, greens and creams. Not many people have used our green charger plates, since they can be see as quite garish in lots of situations. Within this scene, however, they blend in perfectly, making it feel like everything is made from natural resources. We love how the venue feels both intimate and grand at the same time, which is one of the best parts of having your wedding in a tipi.




The first thing you see when you search for PapaKata is the fabulous statement that ‘ALL THE BEST PARTIES HAPPEN IN A PAPAKÅTA TENT’. Now, though we can neither confirm nor deny this is true, they certainly have a lot of evidence to back themselves up. As well as boasting beautiful tipis, Papakata have also moved into the wonderful world of sperry tents. As you can see in the photos below, they used the same products for both tents, however the end product feels so different for each due to the nature of the different venues. They both look incredible, which, we can imagine, make its incredible hard when you’re choosing between the two!



Gold once again featured heavily in the Papakata tipi and tent, which we certainly can’t blame them for [wood and gold just work too well together!] Mixing this with subtle pastels, feathery florals and string bulb lights, the whole tone of both venues is kapt very minimal and calm. Light and dark wood are dappled throughout, matching the beams that hold up the operations. Though it is slightly more subtle, it is definitely still as impressive. With a history as fantastic as PapaKata’s, there’s no way you could go wrong booking from them.



So there we are! What a magical time we had providing the crockery for all these incredible companies. We could honestly say that no matter who you choose, you will have a magical day, filled with laughter and happiness. We’ve included a link to each of the websites, making it easy for you to check out each one if you want to. Hopefully you’re totally convinced to have a tipi wedding, or at least that Whitehouse Crockery has everything you need to work with your theme. To get more inspiration for your wedding or event, just check out our social media pages below.




Tents/Tipis: Boutipi ➼ Photographer: Fossca/Aden Priest ➼ Stylist: Rustic Rose ➼ Stationary: Lonetree weddings ➼ Venue: Aldby Park ➼ Venue Host: Louisianna Weddings


Photographers: Jenny Appleton/ Jo Greefield/ Adam Hudson/ Lucy Mlt/ Leesha Williams/Nathan Dainty ➼ Venue: Serentipi ➼ Prop hire: Born Boho ➼ Florals: Campbell Flowers ➼ Stationary: Raspberry Toast ➼ Cakes: Storeybook Wedding Cakes ➼ Wood-fired Pizza: Mr & Mrs Pickwick’s Traditional Baked Entertainment: The Song Smith Catering: Complete Catering Service Photobooth: Viva La Booth

All about Me:

Styling: Kristin @ Mr x Mrs W ➼ Flowers: Living Colour Floral Design ➼ Tipi: All About Me ➼ Venue: Duddon Mill Farm ➼ Linen: The Linen Hire Manchester ➼ Photographers: Claire Penn/Mr x Mrs W


Teepees/sperry tents: Papakata ➼ Photography: Lucy Davenport ➼Venue: Escrick Park Estate ➼Bar: Mix and Twist ➼ Cake: Cherry Blossom Cakes ➼ Florist Sperry: Leafy Couture ➼ Florist Teepee: Aelisabet Flowers ➼ Stationary: Lonetree Weddings ➼ Photobooth: Booth Revolution ➼ DJ: DJ Batezen ➼ Linen: Just 4 Linen

Crockery of the Month – May 19

This month’s crockery of the month is a set of glasses that you will have seen plenty of here at Whitehouse. Though our crockery of the month posts have been aboutlesser-known items in the past, we thought we’d use this month to show off the item that seems to have eclipsed all others in its popularity. It has a gold rim, comes in a champagne flute, red and white wine glass and tumbler, it has a spiralled stem and beautifully sleek shape. Any clue what it is? I guess we’ll tell you.

This month’s is…Cara!

Belvoir castle

If you follow Whitehouse on any kind of social stream you will have seen this beautiful set a multitude of times. Not only do they work effortlessly in eccentric, grand weddings, but they also steal the limelight in close, intimate occasions. Of course, gold has been a bride favourite for a long time now, but we believe it is Cara’s simplicity that also gives it an edge over other products. We have hundreds of photos from shoots, weddings and events that showcase Cara in the most exquisite situations; shining on its own or creating its own subtle aura within the midst of a larger scene. Either way, we can see why it has stolen the hearts of many brides and grooms alike, which is why we thought it was time to compile some of the best photos together to create a Cara portfolio for you all to enjoy. For each set, we’ve looked at the style of the photos, the colours that it has been matched with and our favourite piece of styling, just to give you an insight into how us Whitehouse folk look at these pictures.

Askham Hall

Style: Modern and sleek

Colour scheme: Grey, black and gold

Favourite thing: These incredible matt-grey candles – such an interesting twist on a staple part of a table-setting.

Other Whitehouse pieces: Scarlett gold charger plates, Valentine porcelain plates and Grace cutlery




Style: Boho and DIY

Colour scheme: Light brown, lilac and green

Favourite thing: These hanging bulbs create the most intimate ambience, especially when they’re inside a tent.



Delamere Manor

Style: Chic and minimal

Colour scheme: Maroon, pastels and white

Favourite thing: Delicate stationary always works perfectly with certain pieces in our selection, these stylists knew exactly the right type of paper to sit atop our items.

Other Whitehouse pieces: Scarlett gold charger plates, Valentine porcelain plates, Grace cutlery.



Broughton Hall

Style: Clean and minimal

Colour scheme: White and gold

Favourite thing: We love these vintage photos in the centre of the table, adding a sense of nostalgia to this couple’s special day.

Other Whitehouse pieces: Daisy gold charger plates and Alice cutlery.



The Savoy, London

Style: Eccentric floral explosion

Colour scheme: White, pink and gold

Favourite thing: Is it possible to say everything?

Other Whitehouse pieces: Sienna gold/Eliza clear charger plates and Eden cutlery.



So there we have Cara, working its magic in all the best scenarios. Interestingly, though they are often included in different colour schemes, they are paired with many of the same items. We love the Cara and the Scarlett matched together, since their gold rims make sense in the same situation, however we would highly recommend thinking outside the box, trying Cara with different colours and styles to see for yourself how it can work in [literally] any setting. To see more Cara, and hopefully a few other pieces from Whitehouse, follow us on all of our social media pages.


Belvoir Castle

Photography: @rachaelconnertonVenue: @belvoircastleStyling and Planning: @nataliehewittweddingsFlorist: @floraldecoweddingflowersCake: @couturecakesnlStationary: @rosepressLinen Runner: @madphilomenaFurniture: @rosetoneeventfurniture

Askham Hall

Venue:@askham_hallEvent Styling: @tebbeyandcoCalligraphy: @neatcreativeFlorals:@madeinflowersCandlesticks: @narrativehireCandles: @goodsforgatheringsLinen: @special_occasion_linen


Tents: @boutipiPhotographer: @adenphotoStylist: @rustic_rose_company ♣ Stationary: @lonetreeweddings ♣ Venue Host: @louisiannasweddings ♣ Venue: Aldby Park

Delamere Manor

Floral decor: @the_weddingfairy ♣ Photography: @zehraphotographyyCake: @littlebuttonbakeryStationery: @bymoonandtideVenue: @delameremanor

Broughton Hall

Planner: @heleneriksenweddings Stationary: @silkbeau ♣ Cake: @pink_frosting_cake_company ♣ Florals: @flowerdesignevents ♣ Hair: @wedlocks_ ♣ Dress: @casablancabridal ♣ Venue: @broughtonhallestate

The Savoy, London

Masterclass: @thefloralexperienceFloral designer: @karentraneventsWedding & Event Planner: @plannedforperfectionVenue:@thesavoylondon with @savoyweddings @misssashacullen& @pennyweddingsSupport florist: @wildaboutflowerRoses: @rosaprimarosesFlowers: @gfreshpietCake designer @elizabethscakeemporiumBand: @thefunctionbandStationery:@ananyacardsProduction: @luminaire_eventsPhotography: @stuartwoodphotoKaren’s Gown: @brownsbrideKaren’s jewellery: @boodlesjewelleryTableware:@whitehouse_crockeryHair & Make up: @gemsuttonArtist: @liveeventartistChairs: @eventdecorhireEntertainment: @dream_performance& @sophieadamsballetcoLinen: @just_4_linen @Sasha’s gown: @theweddingclub1

Karen Tran’s Floral Experience

Room one of two [see all credits at the end].

If you follow Whitehouse on any of our social streams, you will have seen that we have the unbelievable honour of providing all the crockery for Karen Tran’s ‘Floral Experience’, organised by Planned for Perfection, at the Savoy. [Also, if you don’t follow us on social media, what on Earth are you doing, go follow us now, links are at the bottom, I’ll wait…] Not only that, but we were also asked to join them for the gala dinner, which [of course] we graciously accepted. Leading up to the night, Karen holds a masterclass which is offered to those in the industry that are looking to learn a little more about the art of floristry, with an insight into the talented mind of Karen Tran. If you are interested in finding out a bit more about the pre-Gala preparations, as well as moment that you may not have seen in our posts, then I would suggest you keep reading…

A minuscule selection of the flowers used to create the various floral displays.

A rose, hand-’pulled’ by yours truly.

The sight that met us when we entered the room.

For three exciting [yet gruelling] days, Karen’s ‘students’ get stuck in creating the floral masterpiece that allows the rest of the guests to feel as though they have just stepped into a scene from the most magical fairytale. I had the privilege of witnessing the final few hours of the process, even lending a hand in making Karen’s dream a reality [I’d like to think I played a key role in bringing it all together]. My main job was to ‘pull’ at the flowers to give them an ‘engorged’ look, whilst making sure they still held their shape. Though I had always been in awe of Karen’s work, this gave me a whole new appreciation of the time and effort that goes into just one of her projects. As I left the Savoy to get ready, the final pieces were coming together: sheeting was being pulled up, the last flowers were being expertly placed and the lighting was starting to warm up. Though I was already impressed as I stepped out the prestigious hotel, when I returned I was met with a sight that completely blew me away. The ambience of the room had completely changed, with everything somehow feeling extravagant yet effortless.

WHITEHOUSE_KAREN_TRAN_BLOG_05Both oddly scary and enigmatic, these performers created a modern renaissance look, just by removing colour from the equation.

Both Karen, Jane [Planned for Perfection] and the Savoy pulled out all the stops to give us the most ethereal, other-worldly experience possible. Immediately, we were met with ballet dancers that slid elegantly between guests and tables alike, creating the feeling of being a part of some kind of interactive performance. Throughout the night, more and more entertainment was introduced, from a live band that sang classic and modern hits with a level of enthusiasm I have never seen before, to a circus performer that gracefully moved her body with the space of a small hoop. With short breaks to allow us to chew and swallow food, most the night was filled with laughter, discussion and [lots of] terrible singing [from the crowd, not the band…].

One of the talented musicians that kept spirits high all night.

Whitehouse crockery at its very best.

Of course, I can’t talk about a gala dinner without talking about the food. Course after course was laid in front of us, each being more impressive than the last. From oysters, to delicious risotto, by the time it got to pudding, I was so full I couldn’t even handle one bite. Every dish was experly created to be an experience of its own, with every mouthful being so exquisite you wanted to savour every second you were chewing it. Though I am a vegetarian, I didn’t feel as though I was missing out on anything, since they went to great efforts to make sure the meat-free option was just as flavourful. Topped off with champagne, and all served on Whitehouse crockery, there is nothing I would go back and change, although I do wish I could reverse to clock to eat it all over again…

You know it’s a good night when the cake is twice as tall as you.

I didn’t have the oyster myself, but it certainly made for an impressive dish.

Various heartfelt speeches were made throughout the night, mostly thanking everyone’s immense effort in bringing the night together. It was lovely to hear about how much people in the wedding and events industry rely on one another for support, as well as how much inspiration we draw from each other. Lots of people can scroll past photos like these, notice them for 3 seconds, then move onto the next set of photos without another thought. I used to be like that, however now I’m going to truly take the time to appreciate the incredible achievements of these florals artists, event planners, stylists, and everyone else who makes events like these happen.

Karen’s speech, capturing everyone’s attention

The incredible flower tunnel that dominated half the room.

The people I met were dedicated to their work and were willing to go above and beyond for a client if they needed them to. They pour their hearts into every single job they do, which, though exhausting, is ultimately rewarding if everything turns out how they envisioned it. I would highly recommend, if you have had someone work on your wedding or event who took the time to make sure everything went perfectly for you, that you should take the time to thank them sincerely. There aren’t a lot of people who will sacrifice their personal life for a client, but the people at that gala had done it again and again. It was an incredible experience to see how the displays were created, how the night pans out and, ultimately, how it is all taken down in the space of one evening. Most people wouldn’t think that working crockery is the most glamorous of professions, but after that night, I would beg to differ.

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Masterclass: @thefloralexperience

Floral designer: @karentranevents

Wedding & Event Planner: @plannedforperfection

Venue:@thesavoylondon with @savoyweddings @misssashacullen& @pennyweddings

Support florist: @wildaboutflower

Roses: @rosaprimaroses

Flowers: @gfreshpiet

Cake designer @elizabethscakeemporium

Band: @thefunctionband


Production: @luminaire_events

Photography: @stuartwoodphoto

Videography: @perfectmomentfilms

Karen’s Gown: @brownsbride

Karen’s jewellery: @boodlesjewellery


Hair & Make up: @gemsutton

Artist: @liveeventartist

Chairs: @eventdecorhire

Entertainment: @dream_performance& @sophieadamsballetco

Linen: @just_4_linen

7 Simple Steps to Crockery Heaven

Have you ever really thought about how your want the tables at your wedding or event to look, but have no idea how it can become a reality? Well, we are here to help you lovely lot out. We know that Whitehouse can seem daunting from the outside, since we have so many different styles of crockery in a huge range of colours. In reality, however, just a few little tidbits from inside the Whitehouse industry can help make everything smooth and keep your whole experience with us as easy and carefree as possible. We’ve cobbled together a series of steps you can follow in order to have the smoothest experience possible, reducing the possibility of stress or misunderstanding at every turn. Of course, if you already know some of these steps, feel free to skip forward, but we’re sure that at least of of these pointers will play a part in pointing you in the right direction. We’re sure if you’ve got a dream, we can make it come true, we just need to have the right conversations to make it a reality…

1. Look on our social media for inspiration!


If you have an idea about what you want, but have no clue how it would look as a completed look, head straight to our Instagram and Facebook pages. We post daily images of tablescapes, new products and flatlays of existing crockery. If you were thinking ‘colourful wedding’ or ‘gold plates’, but weren’t sure about specifics, this is where you would be able to whittle down your ideas. Underneath all of our posts are a ‘shop the look’ section, which means that if you find something you like, you can take a note of it and put it onto your quote.

2. Head over to our website…


Of course, the next step would be to head to our website! Since we can’t give you a quote without knowing exactly which pieces you want, this is a very important step. If you know what you want at this point, you can go straight to the ‘Products’ page and use the search bar to find the pieces that have piqued your interest. If you’re still unsure, then you can browse through the ‘Be Inspired’ and ‘Lookbook’ sections of the website. Once you’ve picked, you’re finally ready for the next stage: contacting us.

3. Time for a quote.


Underneath every product there is a button that says ‘Add to Quote’’. If you do this for all the pieces you want, you can then click the ‘Submit Quote Request’ button at the top of the page and start your quoting journey. It is at this point that you will need to know exactly where your wedding/event is, when it is and how many of each product you will need. If you don’t know this information yet, it will make it much trickier for us to give you an accurate quote. The location is essential, for instance, because we need to adapt our delivery charges based on where you are in the country (or the world!)

4. Check your junk mail!!


Sometimes when we reply to a quote, it can be sent straight to your junk email. If you send off a quote a few weeks ago and are thinking about calling up Whitehouse to complain, think about checking your junk first. It may not be your first thought, but it is one of the biggest causes of miscommunication between us and clients. If you’re someone that’s been wondering where the emails have gone, this would be a fantastic place to start. Once everything is sorted out, you will be well on your way to having the crockery your need at your wedding/event.

5. Making changes.


Picture the scene: you had decided on the pink Pippa tumbler, but one night you wake up, covered in sweat, realising that the lilac would match the colour scheme perfectly! You’re paralysed with regret, terrified that the decision you made months ago is set in stone… Don’t worry folks: you can rest easy knowing you can make alterations to your order up to 72 hours before the event, providing we have what you need in stock. As long as you aren’t looking to shake up every single product, the likelihood is we’ll be able to accommodate your changes.

6. Know your timings.


At this point, everything is set up. You know what you want, you’ve paid the deposit, the date is drawing closer and our team start loading up the vans with your chosen products. Excitement is building, but this isn’t the time to lose your head! We can give you a rough estimate about of a drop-off and pick-up time, so that you can organise for yourself or someone else to be there, but since we’ll be driving, we cannot tell you the exact minute we will arrive. But do not fret, we are also always just a phone-call away, so if you are worried that we’re taking a while, or you realise that there is a different entrance we need to deliver to, you can always give us a ring.

7. And finally – let us know how it went!


Hopefully your experience with Whitehouse went as smoothly as possible, so we’d love to hear about it! We’re on a 5 out of 5 rating on Facebook (which we are very proud of) and we always love adding new testimonies to the page. On top of that, if you have any photos from the event that features our product, then be sure to tag us on social media so we can see how it all went. We love knowing that everything came together, as well as seeing how people styled our crockery. Every event is unique, which is what we love about working in this industry.

So those were our 7 easy steps. Has this been helpful? We certainly hope is has opened your eyes to how simple it can be to book with us. If you’re ready to go straight to the website just click here, however if you’re still looking to be inspired, click here to have a look at our Instagram page.

Crockery of the Month – April 19

Hello, and welcome back to the second edition of Crockery of the Month, Our first month saw the rise of the Eliza charger plate which captured the hearts of the public, with many of you being in utter disbelief that it wasn’t one of our most popular plates. To return with a bang, we’ve chosen a beautiful plate which, though a lot simpler than Eliza, is equally as exquisite. Remember, if you confirm an order for any of the plates in this set, you get 15% off! I know, I know, you just want to find out what it is. Okay, I will put you out of your misery…

This month’s choice is…Isabella!


Please, stay calm. You’ll have plenty of the time at the end of the presentation to gasp, stare in awe and applaud to your heart’s content. Isabella may seem like a surprising choice for some, however we think that its thicker rim is the detail that has stopped it from being a go-to for those looking to rent from Whitehouse. With other crockery, its gold, silver and bronze colouring has made it brides’ favourites, considering those are the colours that add that little bit of extra shine to a white wedding. Isabella takes a slightly different approach to the popular chargers, such as Daisy, because it has a unique raised design and matt colours. Rather than fading into a theme, it demands attention – and with good reason! Expertly crafted and fantastically styled, Isabella has shone in the past, proving itself time and again that it deserves to be highlighted. If you still aren’t convinced, then keep reading to see what kind of trouble our Isabella chargers have been getting into and which colour pallets can work alongside them.



This dark, enigmatic shoot truly piqued our interest when we first received the photos back in 2018. Partnered with Amie Bone Flowers and Bubble food, the final outcome was something we’d never seen before, or ever come across since. Unique pear-shaped glass structures sit atop perfectly crafted food items, looking more like art than a meal. Reflecting the red theme that surrounds it, Isabella resides comfortably in this unusual scene, showing off its raised design alongside the other intricate textures and materials.


Tilly from Whitehouse said this about Isabella:
“I think this plate is severely under appreciated. The thick, raised rim reminds me of ancient crockery, something that might have been used at a royal gathering, whilst the various colours and clear centre keep it modern.”



The colours in the Squaremeal images may simply seem like different shades of red, however there are a multitude of tones that all work together with Isabella to create an eye-catching visual treat.

Berkeley Castle

In a slightly more intimate setting, this event took our breath away with its tiny, exquisite details, keeping it minimal yet not monotonous. With our Elizabeth glassware range glinting in the candlelight, Isabella matches the tones and enhances the sense of regality. This low shot makes us feel like a part of the tablescape, making it feel even more intimate and truly allowing us to understand the beauty of the scene.


Toned down, but with sparks of colour, this look highlights the gold on our Isabella plates in a more vivid fashion. The fantastic part is that the brightest tones actually come from natural sources: the foliage and candle.



If you think that Isabella might be perfect for your wedding or event, then just email us a quote with ISABELLA15 to get 15% off any Isabella charger plate.

But remember, there’s no time to hesitate, since the discount only applies if you confirm and pay the deposit in the month of April!


Flowers and concept: Amie Bone Flowers ✜ Lighting and production: Just Smile ✜ Catering: Bubble Food ✜ Table linen: OTT Rentals ✜ Chairs: Rosetone ✜ Photography: Sanshine

Berkeley Castle
Catering: Napier Catering ✜ Styling: Lauren Grey ✜ Venue: Berkeley Castle