From Summer to Winter

Crockery Suggestions for a Re-scheduled Wedding

Before we start this blog, we’d like to say how sorry we are that you have had to postpone your wedding. We know that, as random events go, this was probably the most unpredictable of them all, which makes grasping the concept that it may continue to alter our lives for months, or even years, to come a difficult one. However, as heart-wrenching as the postponing process may be, we want to make sure your experience with Whitehouse is a smooth and easy as possible, even helping you to choose the right items! Perhaps you’d had a summer colour palette in mind, something that encapsulates the light, easy weather that comes between the months of June to September, but are now looking at moving into the months between October and March. Well have no fear! Though it may be different from a summer wedding, this does not mean it has to be worst, or that you have to force your previous colour choices into your new season. We have suggested some alternatives to the classic summer colours, with these being similar enough to match your old theme, but different enough to give your postponed wedding a new lease on life!


Summer items: Charlotte charger plate, Caterina porcelain, Eden cutlery Victoria glassware.

Winter items: Scarlett silver charger plate, Maya stoneware, Alice cutlery, Cara silver.


We start with the most classic of all wedding colours: white! Easy, simple, and something that works effortlessly in summer, we wouldn’t be surprised if many of the items you have are either white, clear, or fit into a white theme. Of course, this isn’t something you explicitly have to change for winter, since white is obviously associated with snowy and cold weather as well, however if you feel like adding that extra special glint into your day, we would highly suggest silver as a chillier alternative to white. With the same sleekness, but a little extra shine to catch those fairy lights, we have more than enough silver options to add into your wedding, whether it be glasses, charger plates or cutlery. As you can see from the inspiration below, silver certainly doesn’t have to feel ordinary, or even darker than white; it can bring its own lightness to a table, especially when combined with dusky greens and blues.






Pieces in shoot: Savannah silver charger plate, Cara silver glassware



Summer items: Sienna cerise pink charger plate, Florence porcelain, Harper green glass, Rosana cutlery.


Winter items: Savannah taupe charger plate, Penny black porcelain, Jemima slate water glass, Blair cutlery.


Summer is all about bright, bright, bright, however winter lets you explore a slower pace, a darker image and a more intriguing colour scheme. Of course, we aren’t saying that you can’t have bright colours in the colder months, in fact the mixture of bright and dark is often what brings the best results [as shown in the shoot below!] Our suggestions simply show you that, though black, grey and brown may not be seen as traditional wedding colours, there are always ways to weave them into your day, whilst still keeping the lightness associated with the wedding world. Working especially well with exposed wood and tapered candles, we love how the shoot below used blush details to nod its head at summer, whilst completely adapting to the cosier, more enclosed feeling of winter.





Pieces in shoot: Maya stoneware, Blair cutlery, Jemima slate glass



Summer items: Connie pastel blue charger plate, Eleanor pink plate, Eden cutlery, Jemima pink glass.

Winter items: Eliza pink charger plate, Amber goblet, Blair cutlery.


Pastels may be the colour range that is the hardest to let go of. Their soft tones compliment one another so perfectly, it’s hard to imagine anything being able to replace them. We have found, however, that if you take an ordinary colour, like pink, and make it muted instead of pastel, you can find yourself with more of an autumnal feeling, without having to copy the colours of summer. From darker moments, like our black cutlery, to more subtle options, like our Eliza pink plate, you can mix and match your table with as many muted option as possible since, like pastels, they all work exquisitely together. In the example shoot below, they decided to use mustard tones, mixed with our clear charger plates and matte-gold cutlery, to give us a subtly regal feeling to the whole table.






Pieces in shoot: Lacey charger plate, Grace cutlery and Cara glassware.



Summer items: Alicia charger plate, Valentine porcelain, Grace cutlery, Amy glassware.


Winter items: Tessa rose-gold charger plate, Florence porcelain, Martha pink glass, Rosana cutlery.


Last, but certainly not least, we’re taking a look at the most famous colour in our collection: gold. In the past, gold was incomparable to any other tone, perfect in its form and seemingly the top of the precious gem food chain. A few fateful years ago, though, rose-gold entered the public eye and suddenly the ancient champion had a competitor. Subtle in its form and available in many different variations thanks to its duality, we have certainly fallen for rose-gold as much as the next person, with it holding a special place in our hearts in wintery or darker moments. Expert at catching light and looking exquisite within rustic theme, we’re sure that the rose-gold shoot below is enough to show you that if you are choosing to replace gold for rose-gold, you certainly aren’t missing out on anything.






Pieces in shoot: Maya stoneware, Tessa rose-gold charger plate, Rosana cutlery, Naomi glassware and Jemima slate glass.



Shoot one [silver inspiration]: Venue: @bunnyhillweddings – Styling: @bellebijoux_events – Flowers: @the_beverley_flower_company – Hair: @oh.hellounity – Makeup: @cocorosebeautyhull – Stationary: @somers_creative – Jewellery: @haloandco – Photographer: @tabithastarkphoto – Dress: @chantellaurendesigns @ghostorchidbride – Silks: @silkandpurl – Model: @emiliakate__ – Cake: @sammysicedfancies

Shoot two [dark inspiration]: Photography – @nicoladawsonphotography – Venue – @Eastwellmanor – Styling & furniture – @locatetocreate – Flowers – @emilyandmeweddingflorist – Model – @ellebevan – Dress – @victoriagracebridal – Wedding stationery – @heathercorthinedesign – Cake – @bluebirdsbakehouse – Balloons – @bubblegumballoons – Harpists – @2ofharps

Shoot three [muted inspiration]: Photography:@leahweddings – Styling and props: @floveevents – Eleven Didsbury Park: @eclectic_hotels @weddings_at_eclectichotels – Dresses and accessories: @thecuriousbride – Shoes: @rachelsimpsonshoes – Wedding Stationery: @wonderland_invites – Cake: @pinkcocoa_sarah – Hair: @lisasimmsbridal – Make up: @abbyvictoriamakeup – Lighting: @thewordislove – Silk ribbon: @silkandpurl – Florals: @flower_lounge

Shoot four [rose-gold inspiration]: Planning/Crockery: @whitehouse_crockery – Venue: @iscoydpark – Photography: @samsparksphoto – Florals: @redfloral – Balloons: @balloonboutiqueevents – Styling: Kristin at @mrxmrsw – Stationery: @raspberry_toast – Prosecco Wall/Neons: @anthaeventhire – Cake: @unioncakes – Linen: @just_4_linen – Rose-gold chairs: @chairmanhireuk

Hire the Perfect Blue Wedding

Some are old and some are new, but you can hire all of these to make your wedding blue!

Last month, Pantone revealed that their colour of the year for 2020 was ‘classic blue’ [], a stark contrast to the out-of-the-box colours of 2018 [Ultra-Violet] and 2019 [Living Coral]. In their announcement, Pantone stated that it was an ‘enduring blue hue’ which ‘highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era’, making it a colour with a significant amount of thought and purpose behind it. Of course, the wedding industry has always known that blue, in any context, is timeless is so many ways. It is a colour so ingrained in wedding culture, in fact, that you can’t say the words ‘something blue’ without thinking of a bride. That is why, when we saw that classic blue was going to be the colour for this year, we were no-so-secretly ecstatic about it! Not only do we already have a huge variety of blue products, we also have a multitude of plates, glasses and cutlery items that can work alongside a classic blue wedding, perfect for mixing and matching to your heart’s content.

In this blog, we’ve put together some groups of items that we believe fit the ‘classic blue’ theme perfectly, whether it’s hitting the nail on the head, or saying to the nail ‘I think this would suit your colourings.’ Of course, all the name of the products are included, which made it incredibly easy to search through our website to find anything you fall in love with. We’ve also included a few ‘inspiration photos’ with each grouping, as well as some accessories that may work alongside, to give you the full picture of how a blue wedding comes to be.


Colourful glassware: Jemima blue water glass, Sapphire goblet, Pippa blue water glass and Martha blue water glass


Why not start with the most on-the-nose pieces that we have in our collection: our colourful glasses. In tones of blue ranging from greyish to sapphire, we know that any of these could fit into a any type of blue wedding with ease. Though many think that you can only have one type of blue at your wedding, we say to them ‘think again’. If you take a quick glance at the photos below, you’ll realise that you can put as much blue on a table as you want, with it never looking too overdone or excessive.

Other accessories or items that go alongside blue glasses:

- Blue or purple flowers [Bluebells, Irises, Lavender or blue-stained Roses]

- Blue vases

- A white or ivory tablecloth [we also threw in a yellow napkin, to contrast]

- Blue bridesmaids dresses





Colourful plates: Connie pastel blue charger plate, Mia emerald charger plate, Eleanor pastel blue porcelain plate, Mia navy blue charger plate.


Most people forget that your plates can be colourful as well, especially your charger plates, but we’re here to remind you of how amazing they can look in any shade of blue! For our ‘real wedding’ example below, we chose our navy blue Mia plates to show you that blue can slip effortlessly into a scene without making so much as a ripple. If this is a touch too basic for you, though, we would suggest going all our with our Emerald plates [or scrolling down to the end of this blog and see the new blue plates we’re thinking of buying in for 2020…]

Other accessories or items that go alongside blue plates:

- White candles or clear candlesticks

- ‘Classic blue’ napkins

- Blue nails [to keep it subtle]

- Blue ribbons on the back of your chairs




Note: The glassware shown in these images are not from Whitehouse.


Silver glasses and plates: Savannah silver charger plate, Tessa silver charger plate, Isabella silver charger plate, Lexy shiny silver glassware set, Mila matte silver glassware set.


Not looking to go all our with your crockery, but still want something to match your blue details? Don’t you worry, hun, we have you covered. Silver and blue is a combination as old as time itself, looking fabulous in both winter and summer months. Though you may just think of Elsa when you envision this duo, we can confirm that it has the possibility to look modern, sleek and a little bit dazzling. As you can see from the shoot below, when these colours sit together in the natural light, they create something truly ethereal.

Other accessories or items that go alongside silver items:

- Blue stationery or placecards

- Dusky blue foliage

- Blue embroidery on your napkins

- Blue seat covers for your chairs





Stoneware: Maya, Simone, Caitlyn plates.


For our fourth, and final, grouping, we thought that we’d combine another trend with that of ‘classic blue’ to create something altogether spectacular. Stoneware took off in 2019, with every alternative bride and stylist vying to find the best pieces to showcase at weddings. With 3 rugged and intriguing styles to choose from in our collection, their muted toned and harsh texture sits brilliantly next to the softness of blue, especially when paired with black cutlery. Though the ‘inspirational’ wedding photos we chose are more of a green theme than a blue one, we thought they might help to get an idea of how dark and light contrasts, though slightly less tradition, can make a wedding look impeccably chic.

Other accessories or items that go alongside stoneware:

- Black or dark cutlery and glasses

- Blue shoes

- A blue-light neon sign

- Blue cocktails!





We wanted to give you sneak peeks of some of the blue pieces [and a piece that will compliment a blue wedding] that we will be getting into the warehouse during 2020. If you see anything that you like, be sure to email to see when they will be available.




Have you been inspired to take you blue wedding to the next level, or just to add some blue touches? We’d love to hear about which items you love the most and if you’ve had your head turned by the blue tide! We’re always adding more photos to our Facebook and Instagram page as well, so if you’re liking what you see here, be sure to go and check out our pages.


Colourful glassware: Planning/Crockery: @whitehouse_crockery | Venue: @iscoydpark | Photography: @samsparksphoto | Florals: @redfloral | Balloons: @balloonboutiqueevents | Styling: Kristin at @mrxmrsw | Stationery: @raspberry_toast | Prosecco Wall/Neons: @lancsflowerwallco | Cake: @unioncakes | Linen: @just_4_linen

Colourful plates: Photography : @zakicharles

Silver glasses and plates: Venue: @bunnyhillweddings | Styling: @bellebijoux_events | Flowers: @the_beverley_flower_company | Hair: @oh.hellounity | Makeup: @cocorosebeautyhull | Stationary: @somers_creative | Jewellery: @haloandco | Photographer: @tabithastarkphoto | Dress: @chantellaurendesigns @ghostorchidbride | Silks: @silkandpurl | Model: @emiliakate__ | Cake: @sammysicedfancies

Stoneware: Styling: @styletocherish | Table cloths: @just_4_linen | Flowers: @markhoweflowers | Stationery: @quintsofjersey_weddings | Images: @hollysmithweddings

Whitehouse Winter Wedding Lookbook 2019/20

Five carefully picked photo-shoots to help you decide which path you wish to take with your winter styling.

Warm and bright? Cool and chic? Green? Red? Black? This chilly season may give you a lot of choice when it comes to potential colour schemes, but how do you know which one is best for you? That is where we come in. With a combination of classic tones, unique items and an undeniable winter threat throughout [each with their own twist], we’ve put together 5 different mood-boards to refine your choices and give you inspiration through these dark, cold months. But don’t let us limit you, mix and match the pieces that you see to your heart’s content and, if you’re feeling especially brave, simply take these with a pinch of salt and choose the items you want from scratch. Here at Whitehouse, we adore individuality and the ability to look outside the box, with nothing being too far fetched for our tastes.


‘Though bright colours aren’t usually a part of winter mood-boards, this magnificent shoot threw convention out the window to create something warm, enticing and, ultimately, spectacular.’



Pieces included: Tessa gold charger plate | Simone stoneware | Grace cutlery | Martha pink water glass | Martha smoke champagne flute



Credits: Venue: @thehighfieldhouse | Photographer: @mandgphotographic | Florals: @floral_and_lace_ | Styling & Hire: @bellebijoux_events | Stationery: @thereallyrosieshop | Tables & chairs: @floridamarqueesyorkshire



‘Warm mustard tones feature heavily in this beautifully styled outdoor shoot, with handing bulbs to give all the neutral tones on the table an extra glint.’



Pieces included: Maisie charger plate | Grace cutlery | Cara gold glassware



Credits: Photography:@leahweddings | Styling and props: @floveevents | Eleven Didsbury Park: @eclectic_hotels @weddings_at_eclectichotels | Dresses and accessories: @thecuriousbride | Shoes: @rachelsimpsonshoes | Wedding Stationery: @wonderland_invites | Cake: @pinkcocoa_sarah | Hair: @lisasimmsbridal | Make up: @abbyvictoriamakeup | Lighting: @thewordislove | Silk ribbon: @silkandpurl | Florals: @flower_lounge



‘A pop of colour with seasonal foliage makes this table into something striking yet subtle, completed in the best way: with gold accents.’



Pieces included: Daisy gold charger plate | Grace cutlery | Victoria glassware



Credits: Photo @samsparksphoto | Styling @carrieanntilleybespokeevents | Stationery @penandfold | Flowers @elleflowersuk | Linens @silkandpurl | Venue @styallodge



‘Taking a cooler approach to the winter season, we mixed bright rose-golds with blue and grey tones, giving us more ‘arctic circle’ and ‘Lapland’ feelings.’



Pieces included: Tessa rose-gold charger plate | Maya stoneware | Rosana cutlery | Naomi glassware | Jemima slate goblet



Credits: Planning: @whitehouse_crockery | Venue: @iscoydpark | Photography: @samsparksphoto | Florals: @redfloral | Balloons: @balloonboutiqueevents | Styling: Kristin at @mrxmrsw | Stationery: @raspberry_toast | Prosecco Wall/Neons: @lancsflowerwallco | Cake: @unioncakes | Linen: @just_4_linen | Rose-gold chairs: @chairmanhireuk



‘And to finish it all off…the most beautiful neutral-toned shoot taken in a library. Featuring pampas and roses alike, is this something out of a fairytale?’



Pieces included: Penny black plate | Grace cutlery | Elizabeth glassware | Jemima slate goblet



Credits: Photographer: @jessymcghie | Venue: @porticolibrary | Models: @thetwobohemians | Stylist: @carrieanntilleybespokeevents | HMUA: @thebridal_concierge | Florals: @theancoatsflorist | Celebrant: @trishthecelebrant | Cake: @littlebuttonbakery | Dress: @shikobabride | Veil: @sashandveil | Stationary: @wonderlandinvites | Leather Jacket: @mama_inc_studio | Ribbons: @pompomblossom | Cake florals:@rosehipandwren


Which mood-board were you drawn to the most? Though we love the vibrant and enticing colours of the first style, we would probably end up choosing the last board, simply because the final effect is so timeless. There are so many combinations you can choose from during this season, so why not break the usual chain of monotony and try something new! For even more inspiration, head over to our Facebook and Instagram pages, where we post every single day.

The Ultimate Guide to Gold Crockery

A blog to help you decide which gold product [or products] will work best for your wedding.

Gold. King Midas couldn’t get enough of it, and neither can we, though we wouldn’t go as far as to turn EVERYTHING gold [or will we…]. Almost replacing white as the traditional wedding colour, we’ve seen brides migrate again and again to our gold pieces to create a regal look that can never go out of fashion. Whether throwing in just a splash, or dipping the whole wedding in gold, the best thing about it is that you can never go over the top [unless you coat yourself in it…nope, even that would look great.] For those of you who already have you heart set on that magical colour, then this is the blog for you. From a very minimal look, to an all-out gold-fest, we’ll take you through all our gold pieces, showing you the various ways that brides in the past have styled them.










So there we are! All the gold we have to offer. Has anything [or things] caught your eye instantly? Are you going to choose all gold items, or simply dapple them throughout your wedding? If you need any more ideas, then head over to our Instagram or Facebook pages for daily inspiration on how to style our products.

Instagram: whitehouse_crockery

Facebook: eventcrockeryhire

Pinterest: whitehouseeventcrockeryuk

Photography credits: Alicia: @msmeganwilson | Amy: @redfloral | Cara: @broughtonhallestate | Daisy: @jasonmarkharris | Grace: @samsparksphoto | Savannah: @elenstudiophotography | Scarlett: @divinedayphotography | Sienna: | Tessa:

Amazing Wedding Inspiration with Whitehouse Crockery

July 2019 First post

July was certainly a crazy month here at Whitehouse. As temperatures soared, we were delighted to see outdoor weddings being blessed with warm, cloudless days, as well as finally being sent some mind-blowing pictures from many of the photoshoots that we were a part of back at the start of 2019 (and even in 2018!) Being suddenly inundated with exquisite photos is obviously something we can’t complain about, however, we were afraid that due to this influx of material, you may have missed some of the best bits! That is why we decided to create this blog: to take you through some of our favourite pictures from the month, showcasing incredible styling, blushing brides and even some fluffy friends… Now this isn’t to say that all of these pictures were taken in July, but simple that we were lucky enough to receive them [or get to the go ahead to post them] last month. So sit back, scroll through, and enjoy the best of the best!

[All photos include Instagram credits underneath]


Let’s start big shall we! This incredible shoot at Aynhoe Park, featuring florals from Amie Bone, decided to hold nothing back when it came to decorations. Exploding florals, gold candelabras, feathered flamingos and a friendly giraffe all come together to create a disney-esque scene, all sat within this bright, vaulted venue. As well as trying to be an excessive as possible with their styling, they also chose to include the ideal of ‘love is love': showcasing how it doesn’t matter who is getting married, only that they love each other and want to commit to one another for life.










Photographer: @sanshinephoto, Styling & Co-ordination: @CharlotteMunroWeddings, Floral Design: @amieboneflowers, Venue: @aynhoepark, Cake and Dessert Design: @elizabethscakeemporium, Stationery: @eg.lettering, Candles Sticks, Bird Cages & Table Décor: @weddingdayhire, Feather Lamps: @amoderngrandtour, Beauty: @teamglambridal, Wedding & Engagement Rings: @london_victorian_ring_co, Gown Designer: @chantalmallett, Furniture: @thepropfactory, Menswear: @tailormadelondon / @chester_barrie

Duddon Hall

We know that the Aynhoe shoot is a hard act to follow, however we felt that this toned-down wedding could give you a little break from the rainbow explosion. Housed in a gorgeous marquee, with a canopy of twinkling fairy lights, this wedding showcased our new olive tumblers for the first time. Pairing them with subtle green florals, our detailed glassware, a neutral tablecloth and simple wooden chairs, the final effect is both rustic and modern, capturing our attention without having to try too hard.







Photographer: @clairepennphoto, Venue: @duddonmillfarm, Stylist: @kristinmrsw


This creative shoot had a beautifully unique idea as their premise: using absolutely no natural light, only candles and neon lights. This may beg the question, how can you create a romantic bridal shoot using no natural light? Well, this is where you will find the answer. With chic styling, subtle lighting and suave suits, we can’t help but gawp at how they took this simple idea and turned it into something exceptional.







Photographer: @amyfaithphoto, Venue: @hinterlandsweddings, White Bridalware: @whiteclosetstudios, Black dress: @shikobabride, Neon Signs: @neoncreations, Florals: @marymaryflorals, Veils/Capes: @adornbyashley, Cake: @elizabethharriscakes, Make-up: @hcarson_mua, Stationary: @sophieklmitchell, Tables/Chairs: @rustichire, Headpiece: @rustyrose86, Models: @babylon_fox and @jack_dyche.

Hirst Priory

It’s safe to say we were pretty excited to get these pictures back, especially when we saw that they had alpacas at this wedding! This gorgeous couple went above and beyond with their boho theme, using our sleek gold pieces to give their tables a little bit of extra shine. We love the open feeling that this venue created, whilst still giving us a woodland-fairytale vibe, with fairy lights and floral blooms to finish the whole look off.









Photography: @bohochicweddings, Florals: @campbellsflowers, Venue: @hirst_priory, Tipi: @serentipiltd, Organisers: The Alternatives Workshop, Styling: @bornbohohire, Bride’s dress: Reworked 70’s dress by @bexbrides, Jewellery: @samryde_jewellery, Groom’s Outfit: @dandythreads, Cake: @storeybook_cakes, Cake Stand: @bramblesky2014, Pizza Van: @mrandmrspickwicks, Stationery: @raspberry_toast, Alpacas: @jandjalpacas

Rockliffe Hall

This wedding had not one, but two exquisite days for us to enjoy, giving us absolute perfection on both of them. From the white piano with florals pouring out of it [I mean come on, how incredible is that] to the amazing chandeliers, we could probably say this is one of the most luxurious occasions we’ve ever seen. For day one [white] only our gold glasses were used, however we had the privilege of doing the whole table for the second day [blue].










Photography: @nkimaphotography, Stylist/Planner: @heleneriksenweddings, Florals: @paularooneyfloraldesigner, Venue: @rockliffe_hall, Marquee:@mahood_marquees, Lighting: @lightechltd, Draping: @drapingbliss

Walcot Hall

For our final highlight, we wanted to mix it up and show you this amazing Cuban-style shoot, using delicate flowers, contrasting colours and some of our most unique pieces to give us an imaginative and tropical set up. We love how the worn blue of the table matches the opaque blue of the walls, with every other colour imaginable in between. We think the reason we were so drawn to this shoot was because it mixed both casual aspects with that of luxurious excess, making us wish we were somewhere much warmer than Manchester right now…






Photography: @birgittazoutmanphotography, Dress, veil and real flower jewelry: @adornbyashley, Styling: @floveevents, Cake: @thesuagarcart, Model: @flaviafazenda, Stationary: @lucky_nibs, Mua: @fran_hansen_hair_fx, Florist: @oliveowlflowers, Videographer: @letsgetitshot, Shoes: @di_hassall, Ribbons and table linens: @silkandpurl, Venue: @walcothall, Singer: @sadiebeth92

Whitehouse Crockery Meets Disney

We see so many princess-style weddings here at Whitehouse, we thought it would be time to see what a real princess would actually do with our products! We’ve put together some table layouts for some of our favourite Disney heroines, either to celebrate their happily-ever-after wedding, or simply for a grand royal feast that they might be hosting. We’ve included a good range of princesses, but if there’s someone you would desperately like us to imagine a table for, then just leave a comment on this post and we might create a part 2…

Snow White

Snow White may be the oldest Disney princess, but we felt that a few modern twists could give her wedding table a 21st century feeling. Using dark blue, yellow, rose-gold and black, we featured all the colours that are associated with Snow, but translated into a more fashionable tones. Like all Disney princesses, she expertly mixes a delicate sensibility with a tough will, which is why we chose to have such striking items upon a lace tablecloth. We think Snow White would adore this at her wedding and, hopefully, she’ll recommend us when all the dwarves get married too!

In this look: Scarlett rose-gold charger plate, Sofia porcelain, Blair cutlery and Serena glassware



Rapunzel is probably one of the princesses with the saddest story, but also the one with some of the strongest willpower. That’s why we felt her wedding should be a mix of classic and eccentric colours, because, at the end of the day, she can do whatever she wants! Delicate flower petals nod their head to the origins of her powers, the magical flower, whilst darker purples hint towards her troubled upbringing. We definitely believe she deserves the full princess treatment after been locked away for 18 years, therefore we put as much pink and purple in as humanly possible.

In this look: Sienna purple charger plate, Caterina porcelain, Alice cutlery, Harper lilac water glass, Alex glassware



In a way, this table setting is the anti-wedding set-up, since Brave is entirely about how antiquated arranged marriages are for smart, independent, capable women [or any women, in that case.] To honour that, we went for a very rustic, rugged look, incorporating stoneware to match the harsh, but beautiful, Scottish environment. We felt that Meredith’s hair was bright enough to do away with any colour anywhere else on the table, therefore all the tones are muted down, including the delicate Gypsophila that sits beautifully within the crisp, white napkin. Meredith taught us about the importance of family, as well as the power that a women can have if she believes in herself, two ideas that we support wholeheartedly.

In this look: Charlotte charger plate, Simone porcelain, Alice cutlery, Dee tumbler, Crystal glassware



We simply had to cover Jasmine’s wedding table in bright blues and glinting crystal, since she probably lives in the grandest circumstances of all the princesses. However, because Jasmine never wanted the life that was given to her, opting instead to roam the streets with Aladdin, we’ve given her both opulence and simple aspects, all combining to create a look that captures both sides of her personality. An emerald-coloured charger plate matches the vintage-style plate atop it, with this gorgeous menu finishing it all off to the highest standard.

In this look: Mia emerald charger plate, Vintage side plate, Blair cutlery, Madison glassware



Beauty and the Beast always had the most fantastic message: just concentrating on looks will lead to your ruin, instead focus on making yourself a better person. This is why we went for a deliciously simple layout, with the single rose representing the Beast’s countdown and a regal piece of pink-rimmed porcelain to remind everyone that Belle did, unbeknownst to her, fall in love with a member of the royal family. A teacup replaces the usual glassware which, we hope, would burst into life at some point during the reception to sing a beautiful song. We won’t hold our breath though…

In this look: Sienna baby pink charger plate, Eleanor pastel pink porcelain, Grace cutlery, vintage teacup



Blue strips cut through this table layout, representing the thorns that kept the prince from waking Aurora from her destined sleep. Apart from that, however, we felt that, as one of the kindest and most nature-loving princesses, she should have engorged flowers and scattered leaves to soften the table, along with a pale blue charger plate to match her dress (although, we could have gone with pink or purple as well…). The gold of her hair is captured in this beautiful cutlery, as well as her polite sensibility. If Aurora is proof of anything, it is that having three women raise you makes you a kind, interesting, respectful woman yourself.

In this look: Connie charger plate, Caterina porcelain, Eden cutlery, Harper purple water glass



For our last princess, we changed the tone with Tiana’s frog-inspired colour scheme. Perhaps the most humble of all the princesses, Tiana knows the value of hard work, as well as the importance of quality over quantity. This is why we think she would choose bold, but not excessive, colours, with detailed flowers to remind her of the short time she spent traversing the undergrowth as an amphibian. Once again, we had to include hints of gold just to remind us that she is, in fact, a princess, however we didn’t want to push it in everyone’s face.

In this look: Sienna green charger plate, Valentine porcelain, Grace cutlery, Vintage teacup


Which princess do you think you relate to the most?

Would you go with the ultra-princess table set-up, with Rapunzel, or for the toned-down feast set up like Meredith. We’d love to hear about your favourite ones, and don’t forget to share with any friends who you think deserve a princess wedding. If you’re feeling inspired, go straight to the main part of our website to start a quote, but if you’re still looking for more to spark your interest, then check out our social media pages. We post pictures every single day of weddings, shoots and layouts that we’ve done at the Whitehouse HQ, so click on any of the links below to go straight there.


Crockery of the Month – May 19

This month’s crockery of the month is a set of glasses that you will have seen plenty of here at Whitehouse. Though our crockery of the month posts have been aboutlesser-known items in the past, we thought we’d use this month to show off the item that seems to have eclipsed all others in its popularity. It has a gold rim, comes in a champagne flute, red and white wine glass and tumbler, it has a spiralled stem and beautifully sleek shape. Any clue what it is? I guess we’ll tell you.

This month’s is…Cara!

Belvoir castle

If you follow Whitehouse on any kind of social stream you will have seen this beautiful set a multitude of times. Not only do they work effortlessly in eccentric, grand weddings, but they also steal the limelight in close, intimate occasions. Of course, gold has been a bride favourite for a long time now, but we believe it is Cara’s simplicity that also gives it an edge over other products. We have hundreds of photos from shoots, weddings and events that showcase Cara in the most exquisite situations; shining on its own or creating its own subtle aura within the midst of a larger scene. Either way, we can see why it has stolen the hearts of many brides and grooms alike, which is why we thought it was time to compile some of the best photos together to create a Cara portfolio for you all to enjoy. For each set, we’ve looked at the style of the photos, the colours that it has been matched with and our favourite piece of styling, just to give you an insight into how us Whitehouse folk look at these pictures.

Askham Hall

Style: Modern and sleek

Colour scheme: Grey, black and gold

Favourite thing: These incredible matt-grey candles – such an interesting twist on a staple part of a table-setting.

Other Whitehouse pieces: Scarlett gold charger plates, Valentine porcelain plates and Grace cutlery




Style: Boho and DIY

Colour scheme: Light brown, lilac and green

Favourite thing: These hanging bulbs create the most intimate ambience, especially when they’re inside a tent.



Delamere Manor

Style: Chic and minimal

Colour scheme: Maroon, pastels and white

Favourite thing: Delicate stationary always works perfectly with certain pieces in our selection, these stylists knew exactly the right type of paper to sit atop our items.

Other Whitehouse pieces: Scarlett gold charger plates, Valentine porcelain plates, Grace cutlery.



Broughton Hall

Style: Clean and minimal

Colour scheme: White and gold

Favourite thing: We love these vintage photos in the centre of the table, adding a sense of nostalgia to this couple’s special day.

Other Whitehouse pieces: Daisy gold charger plates and Alice cutlery.



The Savoy, London

Style: Eccentric floral explosion

Colour scheme: White, pink and gold

Favourite thing: Is it possible to say everything?

Other Whitehouse pieces: Sienna gold/Eliza clear charger plates and Eden cutlery.



So there we have Cara, working its magic in all the best scenarios. Interestingly, though they are often included in different colour schemes, they are paired with many of the same items. We love the Cara and the Scarlett matched together, since their gold rims make sense in the same situation, however we would highly recommend thinking outside the box, trying Cara with different colours and styles to see for yourself how it can work in [literally] any setting. To see more Cara, and hopefully a few other pieces from Whitehouse, follow us on all of our social media pages.


Belvoir Castle

Photography: @rachaelconnertonVenue: @belvoircastleStyling and Planning: @nataliehewittweddingsFlorist: @floraldecoweddingflowersCake: @couturecakesnlStationary: @rosepressLinen Runner: @madphilomenaFurniture: @rosetoneeventfurniture

Askham Hall

Venue:@askham_hallEvent Styling: @tebbeyandcoCalligraphy: @neatcreativeFlorals:@madeinflowersCandlesticks: @narrativehireCandles: @goodsforgatheringsLinen: @special_occasion_linen


Tents: @boutipiPhotographer: @adenphotoStylist: @rustic_rose_company ♣ Stationary: @lonetreeweddings ♣ Venue Host: @louisiannasweddings ♣ Venue: Aldby Park

Delamere Manor

Floral decor: @the_weddingfairy ♣ Photography: @zehraphotographyyCake: @littlebuttonbakeryStationery: @bymoonandtideVenue: @delameremanor

Broughton Hall

Planner: @heleneriksenweddings Stationary: @silkbeau ♣ Cake: @pink_frosting_cake_company ♣ Florals: @flowerdesignevents ♣ Hair: @wedlocks_ ♣ Dress: @casablancabridal ♣ Venue: @broughtonhallestate

The Savoy, London

Masterclass: @thefloralexperienceFloral designer: @karentraneventsWedding & Event Planner: @plannedforperfectionVenue:@thesavoylondon with @savoyweddings @misssashacullen& @pennyweddingsSupport florist: @wildaboutflowerRoses: @rosaprimarosesFlowers: @gfreshpietCake designer @elizabethscakeemporiumBand: @thefunctionbandStationery:@ananyacardsProduction: @luminaire_eventsPhotography: @stuartwoodphotoKaren’s Gown: @brownsbrideKaren’s jewellery: @boodlesjewelleryTableware:@whitehouse_crockeryHair & Make up: @gemsuttonArtist: @liveeventartistChairs: @eventdecorhireEntertainment: @dream_performance& @sophieadamsballetcoLinen: @just_4_linen @Sasha’s gown: @theweddingclub1