Crockery of the Month – March 19

What on earth is this?

Welcome to this wonderful new section of the Whitehouse blog that we are calling ‘crockery of the month.’ (It’s not as dreary as it sounds,) We are beginning this as a way to highlight some beautiful pieces within our collection that we believe aren’t getting the attention they truly deserve. Some will seem outlandish, and others remarkably simple, but hopefully this monthly blog will help to guide you towards options that you may not have considered before. On top of that, we will be offering a discount on the charger plates being show if you put in an order within the month it is being promoted. We would definitely call that a win-win situation. Therefore, if you are planning a wedding, or simply looking to get inspired, then I suggest you keep scrolling…

This month’s choice is…   The Eliza Charger Plate!


So why did we choose our ‘Eliza’ range to highlight this month? Well, we love all of our crockery equally, but Eliza is a charger plate that is exquisitely designed whilst, unfortunately, being underappreciated by our client base. First being featured at Whitehouse in March 2018, its regal design is often overlooked as too ‘busy’ by many planners, perhaps thinking that it is going to clash against existing colour pallets. However, in person, Eliza adds a level of subtle design that coordinates expertly with a more down-to-earth wedding, whilst also retaining its own unique charm.

But what is a charger plate?

If you’re new to the exciting world of crockery, you might be asking ‘what on earth is a charger plate?’ We generally use charger plates as a form of placemat underneath the plate or bowl you would actually use to serve your food. Found in English and Scottish texts in the 13th century, its name derives from both the term ‘chargeour’ meaning large plate, and the Latin verb ‘carricane’ which means to load, It’s function changed to the one we know today in the 19th century, when it started being used at formal dinners, functions and events. But enough history, let’s have a look at how the Eliza crockery can be styled for different scenarios.

Crockery in-action
Gisburne Park

These striking photographs, taken at Gisburne Park, just north of Manchester, were part of a styled shoot organised by Emily K Weddings.  Inspired by the Ribble Valley, as well as the river that runs through Gisburne Park, this shoot incorporated the blues and greens of its surroundings, whilst nodding its head to Gisburne’s grand history with the use of our gold cutlery and gold rimmed glassware. Topped off with our clear Eliza charger plate, the final look had just the right amount of detail whilst also looking fresh and clean.

Gisburne 1

Gisburne 3

Gisburne 2  emily-k-weddings-gisburne-park

Emily from Emily K Weddings said this about the clear plate:

‘I love the [Eliza clear], especially if you use a coloured table cloth or coloured charger underneath.

They’re subtle,elegant and detailed. I think they’re a great vintage look [that] don’t look as big and cluttered on the table because they’re clear.’

 If you feel especially taken with the colour pallet of this particular shoot, we have done a colour grab from Pantone© to helpyou get it exactly right.



Irnham Hall

This second shoot also happens to come from an Emily K Weddings styled shoot! Clearly Emily saw the diamond in the rough with this range of crockery. As different from the first images as you could possibly get, these Eliza pink charger plates were paired with both vibrant and muted tones, enhancing the plates and the surrounding. Torn linens, clear glassware and bare tables creates the feeling of being at an ancient royal feast, whilst the rose-gold cutlery and miniature succulents remind us that this can be a brilliantly modern look.

Shelley, who works at Whitehouse, said this about the Eliza charger plate range:
‘I think these plates have a special charm about them.
Some people would say that they’re too garish for a wedding, and they might not be for everyone,
but for a bride that wants to turn heads, this is perfect.’



This colour range is obviously much brighter than the other design, but that by no means makes it ostentatious, The pinks and blues of the plate work in conjunction with a variety of other tones, but is pulled back by the muted nature of the wood.


If you think that Eliza might be perfect for your wedding or event,

then just email us a quote with ELIZA15 to get 15% off any Eliza charger plate.

But remember, there’s no time to hesitate,

since the discount only applies if you confirm and pay the deposit in the month of March! 


Credits for the events work contained within this post:

Gisburne House :
Photographer: @emilyoliviaphotography ✜ Planner & Stylist: @emilykweddings
✜ Venue:@gisburneparkweddings ✜ Flowers: @riverandroseuk ✜ Cake: @wheretheribbonends ✜  Stationery:@sallyjanecalligraphy
✜ Furniture: @blue_sky_events
Irnham Hall:
Photography: Jo Greenfield ✜ Styling: Emily K Weddings ✜ Florist: All Bunched Up ✜
Planning through the Alternatives Photography Workshop