Gold or Silver? And other big questions…

If you had the ability to guess the year’s trends accurately, what would happen? Well firstly, you’d probably become a millionaire because you’d have Wall Street wrapped around your finger. You would also be able to host the best picnics, considering the fact that you could organise them on the sunniest days of the year. But, most importantly, you’d be able to tell us which crockery is going to be the most popular this year! We like to think we know which pieces are ‘in’, and which need to wait their turn, but sometimes it can take us totally by surprise. Before we can understand the future, however, we have to take a look at the past. We’ll take you through which plates and glasses have stolen the limelight and which, from our 10 year experience in the industry, are on the up.

Let’s start with the chargers.


Daisy Charger Plates

Of course, before we talk about anything else, we have to talk about Daisy. This charger plate stormed into our warehouse in 2010 and demanded attention immediately. Available in gold, silver, rose-gold and clear, it has been used extensively by wedding planners, events organisers and professional stylists. So, what makes it so appealing? Perhaps it is just a fad, but we think that it is the subtlety of its design that really makes it a winner for all of you. The glints of colour that come from the beads stop it from simply fading into the background, whilst the clear centre allows it to mesh effortlessly with a multitude of styles. Daisy has certainly captured the hearts of many brides, however we finally feel like it’s light is slowly starting to burn out. Make way, Daisy, there are new plates in town.

Sienna baby pink

Pastels of course! Now you might say that’s a bit of an obvious choice, such as white for a wedding, but just hang on for a minute. Gold, silver and bronze have been stealing the show for a long time now and, much to our surprise, pastels have had to sit on the sidelines. But already, just in the first few months of the year, we see chargers like our Sienna baby pink making a serious comeback. Light pink, which may have been too cliche in the past, has been cropping up in both styled shoots and weddings. One day it was only an acceptable colour for roses, the next, for plates, dresses, and linens – people can’t get enough of it! Our pastel range is looking to get expanded exponentially in the coming year, so don’t be disheartened if you don’t see the plate for you just yet…

Next up, glassware.


Cara Gold Glassware

Drumroll please, may we introduce the infamous Cara glassware set. This exquisite range, available in either gold or silver, emulates much of what Daisy does. Perhaps its more grown-up sister, Cara is even more subtle in the detail that it can add to an event, yet no less spectacular. The golden rims make it popular, but its elegant design and chameleon-like ability to work in any scenario have kept it at the top. The delicacy of its colour has helped it to compliment many a wedding, however our prediction for glassware takes a very different direction.


Harper red and Amber goblet (top) and the Harper range

It would be a bit hypocritical if we said that colour was the next big thing for plates, and completely disregarded that statement for glasses. Our goblets, tumblers and water glasses have recently seen a real spike in professional shoots, which hopefully means people are going to start taking them seriously as a stylish wedding option. Many brides often assume that colourful glasses will make the wrong statement on their special day, however, as we have seen, they can actually be used in expert ways to match or enhance an existing colour pallet.

And finally…

Grace Gold

Last, but certainly not least, we have the cutlery. Before entering the wedding and events industry, I hadn’t considered cutlery to be an important feature of any tablescape. Fast-forward to the present day, and I would be beyond shocked to find a bride that doesn’t care about which cutlery she is going to use. Gold, of course, has been the obvious option in the past. Our Grace cutlery not only provides this beautifully addition, but also had its own subtle design that puts another notch on our high-quality belt. Gold has often worked in the past simply because the rest of the wedding has also been gold. We see how that makes sense. But 2019 is here, and along with it something new, mysterious and all together futuristic cutlery.

Blair Cutlery

Shall we take a minute to appreciate how beautiful this cutlery is. Okay that’s enough. This is the ‘Blair’ set, cutting through all our expectations of what cutlery should be and saying ‘I don’t care’ to classic wedding themes. Matt black, with a sleek design, these pieces are the essence of chic and, though we know they aren’t going to fit into everyone’s vision, we know they are going to come in on a high. Mixed with the coloured glassware, we know this look will be both mysterious and enticing, like seeing someone with an umbrella on a sunny day.


The real question, however, is what do you guys want to see? We put some polls up onto our Instagram to see if our guesses were correct, and, for the most part, we did pretty well. We asked three questions to gauge how trends were changing, and to see what our next project should be. Between vintage and plain porcelain, the clear winner was plain. Chic and minimalist, most of our ‘plain’ porcelain actually includes a great deal of design. Next was clear versus coloured glassware..which came as a draw! You guys can’t decide if you want to take the leap yet, but we promise, it’ll be worth it if you try. Lastly was the age-old question – gold or silver? And the answer…?


We’ll leave you to guess the answer.