5 Stunning Autumnal Wedding Moodboards

From flashy florals to coloured candles, Whitehouse has taken a look at Autumn and said ‘how can these trends, which includes the most cliches of all the seasons, become something unique?’ Our answer: you’ll just have to keep scrolling to find out…


As the leaves turn their usual shade of brown and the sun glides lower and lower on the horizon, our eyes look towards a warm and comforting tone: Amber. Immediately giving us visions of crackling fires and dramatic sunsets, this colour, along with its sister colour, gold, slides effortlessly into the world of weddings without so much of a ripple, adding an ambiance that other tones try so hard to copy. It is during this season that you can load up your evening with candles, fairy lights and chandeliers, giving you that cosy lighting that makes sense with sun setting earlier and earlier each night. Though gold is by no means a groundbreaking colour to use at weddings, by matching it with other warm tones you can capture the essence of autumn without having to have a complete upheaval of the traditional wedding style.


Top Whitehouse Crockery products for Amber [from top left working clockwise]:

Tessa gold charger plate

Amy glass

Valentine porcelain

Sienna gold charger plate

Amber goblet

Alicia charger plate

Grace cutlery

Ava amber martini glass


Wait a second, didn’t we just say the leaves were turning brown…? Well, yes, however green still features heavily in the autumnal pallet, so hear us out. From earthy olives to forest greens, the dark, evergreen season starts now. Of course, this is easy to reflect in your choice of florals, either choosing dramatic hanging displays or simple bunches of foliage, however we think that green can be taken even further. With our range of coloured glassware, you can use green on your table to capture the change from pastel greens to the greens that make you want to put on a chunky jumper and order a spiced latte. If you really are trying to turn away from green, however, then how about just one sprig of eucalyptus on your plate? Go on, we dare you.


Top Whitehouse Crockery products for Green [from top left working clockwise]:

Harper green glass

Mia emerald charger plate

Eden cutlery

Sofia plate

Jade water glass

Sienna green charger plate

Jemima olive glass

Vintage milk jug


Red. What feeling does it conjure up when you think of it? Love? Lust? Pure, unadulterated rage? For whichever one you are trying to evoke, red, at its core, is simply the colour that brings that little something extra to a table that might be slightly lacking in emotion. From a bright, in-your-face ruby red, to a more tonal maroon, there is nothing stopping you from adding that pop, especially in a season where the trees themselves are making a fashion statement of their own. From a single glass, to an entire tablecloth, the amount of red you want to include is solely down to the level of drama you wish to include [which, we hope, is high.] We’re especially drawn to rouge tones found in velvet and apples, since they hold a depth of colour that can only be found during this season.


Top Whitehouse Crockery products for Red [from top left working clockwise]:

Sienna red charger plate

Rosana cutlery

Harper red glass

Saffron charger plate

Penny bowl

Isabella copper charger plate

Ruby goblet

Vintage teacup


Looking up at the sky and seeing grey can be slightly depressing, but looking down and seeing grey on your table doesn’t have to be. Notorious for its use on tablecloths, there is definitely more to take from grey than meets the eye. Of course, grey’s shinier counterpart, silver, is a classic choice for cutlery, however, here at Whitehouse, we love seeing silver on all sorts of plates and glasses as well. Our beaded charger plate, for instance, is the perfect addition to a wedding, giving it that muted shine that compliments any and every colour scheme. We also love seeing how matte grey makes a comeback in these next few months, replacing pastel pinks and blues as the neutral colour of choice – perfect for candles, napkins, and even cakes!


Top Whitehouse Crockery products for Grey [from top left working clockwise]:

Alice cutlery

Alex glassware

Savannah silver charger plate

Mila glassware

Jemima slate goblet

Maya stoneware

Lexi glassware

Tessa silver charger plate


Last, but certainly not least, we have the pinks and purples of the season. We know, we know, you’re thinking ‘pink, isn’t that the most summery colour ever?’ Perhaps, but we believe that the deeper pinks and purples can represent this season just as well, coming from the same family as the other warm colours. From classic roses and tulips, to exotic orchids and passion flowers, pink doesn’t have to just be for Disney princesses. We’ve included purple into the mix as well because, though it can be a harsh colour, the mix of pink and purple together can create some of the most gorgeous tones, giving you those special touches without having to be ostentatious. One of our favourite mix of the colours is in the photo above, layering two different pink napkins underneath our gold crockery: perfection.


Top Whitehouse Crockery products for Pink/Purple [from top left working clockwise]:

Harper purple glass

Connie pastel pink charger plate

Vintage sugar bowl

Pippa pink tumbler

Sienna purple charger plate

Jemima pink goblet

Violet water glass

Eleanor pastel pink plate

So there we are! Are you ready for autumn, or desperately trying to turn back time by looking at holiday photos? Either way, we’d love to know which colour you’d include in your wedding, or if you’ve already had your wedding and chose some autumnal tones, we want to hear about it!

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