Hire the Perfect Blue Wedding

Some are old and some are new, but you can hire all of these to make your wedding blue!

Last month, Pantone revealed that their colour of the year for 2020 was ‘classic blue’ [https://store.pantone.com/uk/en/color-of-the-year-2020], a stark contrast to the out-of-the-box colours of 2018 [Ultra-Violet] and 2019 [Living Coral]. In their announcement, Pantone stated that it was an ‘enduring blue hue’ which ‘highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era’, making it a colour with a significant amount of thought and purpose behind it. Of course, the wedding industry has always known that blue, in any context, is timeless is so many ways. It is a colour so ingrained in wedding culture, in fact, that you can’t say the words ‘something blue’ without thinking of a bride. That is why, when we saw that classic blue was going to be the colour for this year, we were no-so-secretly ecstatic about it! Not only do we already have a huge variety of blue products, we also have a multitude of plates, glasses and cutlery items that can work alongside a classic blue wedding, perfect for mixing and matching to your heart’s content.

In this blog, we’ve put together some groups of items that we believe fit the ‘classic blue’ theme perfectly, whether it’s hitting the nail on the head, or saying to the nail ‘I think this would suit your colourings.’ Of course, all the name of the products are included, which made it incredibly easy to search through our website to find anything you fall in love with. We’ve also included a few ‘inspiration photos’ with each grouping, as well as some accessories that may work alongside, to give you the full picture of how a blue wedding comes to be.


Colourful glassware: Jemima blue water glass, Sapphire goblet, Pippa blue water glass and Martha blue water glass


Why not start with the most on-the-nose pieces that we have in our collection: our colourful glasses. In tones of blue ranging from greyish to sapphire, we know that any of these could fit into a any type of blue wedding with ease. Though many think that you can only have one type of blue at your wedding, we say to them ‘think again’. If you take a quick glance at the photos below, you’ll realise that you can put as much blue on a table as you want, with it never looking too overdone or excessive.

Other accessories or items that go alongside blue glasses:

- Blue or purple flowers [Bluebells, Irises, Lavender or blue-stained Roses]

- Blue vases

- A white or ivory tablecloth [we also threw in a yellow napkin, to contrast]

- Blue bridesmaids dresses





Colourful plates: Connie pastel blue charger plate, Mia emerald charger plate, Eleanor pastel blue porcelain plate, Mia navy blue charger plate.


Most people forget that your plates can be colourful as well, especially your charger plates, but we’re here to remind you of how amazing they can look in any shade of blue! For our ‘real wedding’ example below, we chose our navy blue Mia plates to show you that blue can slip effortlessly into a scene without making so much as a ripple. If this is a touch too basic for you, though, we would suggest going all our with our Emerald plates [or scrolling down to the end of this blog and see the new blue plates we’re thinking of buying in for 2020…]

Other accessories or items that go alongside blue plates:

- White candles or clear candlesticks

- ‘Classic blue’ napkins

- Blue nails [to keep it subtle]

- Blue ribbons on the back of your chairs




Note: The glassware shown in these images are not from Whitehouse.


Silver glasses and plates: Savannah silver charger plate, Tessa silver charger plate, Isabella silver charger plate, Lexy shiny silver glassware set, Mila matte silver glassware set.


Not looking to go all our with your crockery, but still want something to match your blue details? Don’t you worry, hun, we have you covered. Silver and blue is a combination as old as time itself, looking fabulous in both winter and summer months. Though you may just think of Elsa when you envision this duo, we can confirm that it has the possibility to look modern, sleek and a little bit dazzling. As you can see from the shoot below, when these colours sit together in the natural light, they create something truly ethereal.

Other accessories or items that go alongside silver items:

- Blue stationery or placecards

- Dusky blue foliage

- Blue embroidery on your napkins

- Blue seat covers for your chairs





Stoneware: Maya, Simone, Caitlyn plates.


For our fourth, and final, grouping, we thought that we’d combine another trend with that of ‘classic blue’ to create something altogether spectacular. Stoneware took off in 2019, with every alternative bride and stylist vying to find the best pieces to showcase at weddings. With 3 rugged and intriguing styles to choose from in our collection, their muted toned and harsh texture sits brilliantly next to the softness of blue, especially when paired with black cutlery. Though the ‘inspirational’ wedding photos we chose are more of a green theme than a blue one, we thought they might help to get an idea of how dark and light contrasts, though slightly less tradition, can make a wedding look impeccably chic.

Other accessories or items that go alongside stoneware:

- Black or dark cutlery and glasses

- Blue shoes

- A blue-light neon sign

- Blue cocktails!





We wanted to give you sneak peeks of some of the blue pieces [and a piece that will compliment a blue wedding] that we will be getting into the warehouse during 2020. If you see anything that you like, be sure to email info@whitehousecrockery.co.uk to see when they will be available.




Have you been inspired to take you blue wedding to the next level, or just to add some blue touches? We’d love to hear about which items you love the most and if you’ve had your head turned by the blue tide! We’re always adding more photos to our Facebook and Instagram page as well, so if you’re liking what you see here, be sure to go and check out our pages.


Colourful glassware: Planning/Crockery: @whitehouse_crockery | Venue: @iscoydpark | Photography: @samsparksphoto | Florals: @redfloral | Balloons: @balloonboutiqueevents | Styling: Kristin at @mrxmrsw | Stationery: @raspberry_toast | Prosecco Wall/Neons: @lancsflowerwallco | Cake: @unioncakes | Linen: @just_4_linen

Colourful plates: Photography : @zakicharles

Silver glasses and plates: Venue: @bunnyhillweddings | Styling: @bellebijoux_events | Flowers: @the_beverley_flower_company | Hair: @oh.hellounity | Makeup: @cocorosebeautyhull | Stationary: @somers_creative | Jewellery: @haloandco | Photographer: @tabithastarkphoto | Dress: @chantellaurendesigns @ghostorchidbride | Silks: @silkandpurl | Model: @emiliakate__ | Cake: @sammysicedfancies

Stoneware: Styling: @styletocherish | Table cloths: @just_4_linen | Flowers: @markhoweflowers | Stationery: @quintsofjersey_weddings | Images: @hollysmithweddings