From Summer to Winter

Crockery Suggestions for a Re-scheduled Wedding

Before we start this blog, we’d like to say how sorry we are that you have had to postpone your wedding. We know that, as random events go, this was probably the most unpredictable of them all, which makes grasping the concept that it may continue to alter our lives for months, or even years, to come a difficult one. However, as heart-wrenching as the postponing process may be, we want to make sure your experience with Whitehouse is a smooth and easy as possible, even helping you to choose the right items! Perhaps you’d had a summer colour palette in mind, something that encapsulates the light, easy weather that comes between the months of June to September, but are now looking at moving into the months between October and March. Well have no fear! Though it may be different from a summer wedding, this does not mean it has to be worst, or that you have to force your previous colour choices into your new season. We have suggested some alternatives to the classic summer colours, with these being similar enough to match your old theme, but different enough to give your postponed wedding a new lease on life!


Summer items: Charlotte charger plate, Caterina porcelain, Eden cutlery Victoria glassware.

Winter items: Scarlett silver charger plate, Maya stoneware, Alice cutlery, Cara silver.


We start with the most classic of all wedding colours: white! Easy, simple, and something that works effortlessly in summer, we wouldn’t be surprised if many of the items you have are either white, clear, or fit into a white theme. Of course, this isn’t something you explicitly have to change for winter, since white is obviously associated with snowy and cold weather as well, however if you feel like adding that extra special glint into your day, we would highly suggest silver as a chillier alternative to white. With the same sleekness, but a little extra shine to catch those fairy lights, we have more than enough silver options to add into your wedding, whether it be glasses, charger plates or cutlery. As you can see from the inspiration below, silver certainly doesn’t have to feel ordinary, or even darker than white; it can bring its own lightness to a table, especially when combined with dusky greens and blues.






Pieces in shoot: Savannah silver charger plate, Cara silver glassware



Summer items: Sienna cerise pink charger plate, Florence porcelain, Harper green glass, Rosana cutlery.


Winter items: Savannah taupe charger plate, Penny black porcelain, Jemima slate water glass, Blair cutlery.


Summer is all about bright, bright, bright, however winter lets you explore a slower pace, a darker image and a more intriguing colour scheme. Of course, we aren’t saying that you can’t have bright colours in the colder months, in fact the mixture of bright and dark is often what brings the best results [as shown in the shoot below!] Our suggestions simply show you that, though black, grey and brown may not be seen as traditional wedding colours, there are always ways to weave them into your day, whilst still keeping the lightness associated with the wedding world. Working especially well with exposed wood and tapered candles, we love how the shoot below used blush details to nod its head at summer, whilst completely adapting to the cosier, more enclosed feeling of winter.





Pieces in shoot: Maya stoneware, Blair cutlery, Jemima slate glass



Summer items: Connie pastel blue charger plate, Eleanor pink plate, Eden cutlery, Jemima pink glass.

Winter items: Eliza pink charger plate, Amber goblet, Blair cutlery.


Pastels may be the colour range that is the hardest to let go of. Their soft tones compliment one another so perfectly, it’s hard to imagine anything being able to replace them. We have found, however, that if you take an ordinary colour, like pink, and make it muted instead of pastel, you can find yourself with more of an autumnal feeling, without having to copy the colours of summer. From darker moments, like our black cutlery, to more subtle options, like our Eliza pink plate, you can mix and match your table with as many muted option as possible since, like pastels, they all work exquisitely together. In the example shoot below, they decided to use mustard tones, mixed with our clear charger plates and matte-gold cutlery, to give us a subtly regal feeling to the whole table.






Pieces in shoot: Lacey charger plate, Grace cutlery and Cara glassware.



Summer items: Alicia charger plate, Valentine porcelain, Grace cutlery, Amy glassware.


Winter items: Tessa rose-gold charger plate, Florence porcelain, Martha pink glass, Rosana cutlery.


Last, but certainly not least, we’re taking a look at the most famous colour in our collection: gold. In the past, gold was incomparable to any other tone, perfect in its form and seemingly the top of the precious gem food chain. A few fateful years ago, though, rose-gold entered the public eye and suddenly the ancient champion had a competitor. Subtle in its form and available in many different variations thanks to its duality, we have certainly fallen for rose-gold as much as the next person, with it holding a special place in our hearts in wintery or darker moments. Expert at catching light and looking exquisite within rustic theme, we’re sure that the rose-gold shoot below is enough to show you that if you are choosing to replace gold for rose-gold, you certainly aren’t missing out on anything.






Pieces in shoot: Maya stoneware, Tessa rose-gold charger plate, Rosana cutlery, Naomi glassware and Jemima slate glass.



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Shoot two [dark inspiration]: Photography – @nicoladawsonphotography – Venue – @Eastwellmanor – Styling & furniture – @locatetocreate – Flowers – @emilyandmeweddingflorist – Model – @ellebevan – Dress – @victoriagracebridal – Wedding stationery – @heathercorthinedesign – Cake – @bluebirdsbakehouse – Balloons – @bubblegumballoons – Harpists – @2ofharps

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