Crockery of the Month – May 19

This month’s crockery of the month is a set of glasses that you will have seen plenty of here at Whitehouse. Though our crockery of the month posts have been aboutlesser-known items in the past, we thought we’d use this month to show off the item that seems to have eclipsed all others in its […]

Karen Tran’s Floral Experience

Room one of two [see all credits at the end]. If you follow Whitehouse on any of our social streams, you will have seen that we have the unbelievable honour of providing all the crockery for Karen Tran’s ‘Floral Experience’, organised by Planned for Perfection, at the Savoy. [Also, if you don’t follow us on […]

Gold or Silver? And other big questions…

If you had the ability to guess the year’s trends accurately, what would happen? Well firstly, you’d probably become a millionaire because you’d have Wall Street wrapped around your finger. You would also be able to host the best picnics, considering the fact that you could organise them on the sunniest days of the year. […]

A New Era at Whitehouse

With a look back on the last couple of years… March! How can it be March? Yesterday it was January 1st, we swear…? The last two months have flown past in the blink of an eye, as have the last few years! We’ve hardly been able to take a moment to be  nostalgic about our […]

Crockery of the Month – March 19

What on earth is this? Welcome to this wonderful new section of the Whitehouse blog that we are calling ‘crockery of the month.’ (It’s not as dreary as it sounds,) We are beginning this as a way to highlight some beautiful pieces within our collection that we believe aren’t getting the attention they truly deserve. […]

About Us

Whitehouse Event Crockery was formed out of a passion to supply the finest and most innovative glassware and crockery for events and private hire. Whether it is a small intimate dinner party, wedding, barmitzvah, or a large corporate event, Whitehouse can fulfill your dreams to make your event a memorable one. With over 10 years […]